Headroom Listening Sessions

Thursday, January 16, 2020

  • headroom listening sessions - january 2020 edition
  • Featuring 22+ local artists 

Flash Nightclub


HEADROOM Listening Sessions - January 2020

A curated workshop for artists producing electronic dance music to test their music in a club on a world class sound system. Artists discuss production technique, share ideas and provide constructive critique of the tracks played in each Session.

Submissions will be accepted starting SUNDAY Jan 5 until FRIDAY JAN 10 at 5:00pm. Once you have submitted, that is your final version. Contact [email protected] only if you uploaded the wrong track.


Please note: We are using a new online form to upload your tracks. Link will be provided here, in the event description, on Sunday JANUARY 5
You MUST use the following format when submitting music for any monthly HEADROOM Listening Session.

>>>>File Types accepted: .WAV <<<<

1. Export your track with the following file name convention: REAL NAME_ARTIST NAME_TRACK NAME (ex: CHADWICK WILSON_CHADWICKED_HEADROOM BEATS REMIX)

2. Go to:


and submit user form. You will upload your track through this form