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Saturday, August 31, 2019

    • Gigi Testa (world recordings | italy)
    • ramirez (Roots and spirtis | DC)

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    • [email protected] (Phonotheque | uruguay)
    • taiga (v.sions | dc)

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    • markinthedark (FLASH | dc)
    • steve kirn (Envision | DC)
    • kaylasoul (flash | DC)

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DJ/Producer and music collector, Gigi Testa runs his label ‘World Peace Music” coming from the deep concept of world music without any restrictions or categories

Gigi Testa channels his vast musical taste and knowledge in his own music. Influenced by many cultures and musical styles he is considered one of the most dynamic and promising talents to rise up through the ranks of spiritually deep and cosmically electronic music in the last several years. His own sound is one that incorporates myriad elements, from house to disco and back again. Working with choice producers and vocalists right out of the gate.He’s collaborated with legendary vocalists Kenny Bobien and Joi Cardwell and released deep house gems like "Rio Grande" and "Chango Chant". Hidden behind the project Nibiru Humans inspired by Planet X he experience new futuristic sounds like "Space Entrance". With Cut My Records limited 7 inch label he continues his journey discovering and editing worldwide rhythms .Resident dj at club Basic audiophile venue in Napoli he performed around the world including format as Boiler Room.


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