Josh Wink [Open-to-Close]; Arts & Sciences; Big Joe Hix

Saturday, April 22, 2017

  • Josh Wink [Open-to-close] ( Ovum Recordings | Philadelphia )

  • Green Room: Arts & Sciences
  • Throe ( Flash | DC )
  • Taiga ( DC )

  • Flash Bar: BaltoTroit
  • Big Joe Hix ( Bang Tech 12 | Detroit )
  • Boss Ross ( Sequence | DC )

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Josh Wink is the co-founder of Philadelphia's Ovum Recordings. With influences as varied as Jazzy Jeff and Cash Money, to long-time cohort King Britt, Josh Wink has become a name synonymous with crossover success. One of the biggest in the game, Josh Wink has topped the charts as often as he has headlined the most esteemed underground clubs in the world. We are honored to host him for another open-to-close set on our exquisite Funktion-One system.

Josh Wink

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James Baldwin once wrote, "Be careful what you set your heart upon, for it will surely be yours. Embracing a diligent work ethic, a spiritual mindset & a self-taught mastery of dancefloor devastation using little more than a pair of turntables, Josh Wink has worked hard since 1990 to become one of the world's most in demand purveyors of experimental, electronic, danceable music.