FIT Siegel, D. Tiffany, Soso Tharpa

Friday, March 8, 2019

  • fit siegel ( fit sound | detroit)
  • d. tiffany  ( canada )
  • soso tharpa ( sous la terre | dc )

  • jeff swiff ( nicewon | mpls )

  • pat keo ( white rice, birdup | philly)
  • zamkov ( nightflight | DC )
  • heather femia ( nightflight | DC )

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FIT Siegel

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DJ / Producer. Owns and operates the FIT SOUND label.FIT Siegel otherwise known simply as FIT, has quietly risen to become a pillar of the Detroit underground. Siegel studied production under the eye of “Mad” Mike Banks within the hallowed halls of Underground Resistance’s Submerge building. His years of hard work paid off with his debut record “Tonite,” a bona fide underground hit released on Omar S’ FXHE label in 2012. FIT has worked closely with Alex O. Smith, remixing his anthemic track S.E.X. and issuing “Enter The Fog” 12,” a focused collaboration with Gunnar Wendel (Kassem Mosse) also on FXHE. More importantly, FIT has internalized the fierce DIY ethos of both UR and FXHE through his own label, FIT SOUND, and his crucial midwest distribution center, widely considered to be the finest source of new vinyl from the lionized city. As a DJ, FIT follows in the genre free footsteps of Motor City legends of the past. Rather than cordoning off a specific sound, he pulls freely from disco and post punk, to the most alien forms of techno and house music breeding in Detroit today. His unique take on the Motor City sound has taken him to South America, across Europe, Asia and Australia.Back home, there are few more dedicated to the advancement of underground music than FIT. His days in Detroit are spent speaking and collaborating with producers such as Kenny Dixon Jr, Andrés, and Theo Parrish, finding new ways to push the music further. His nights are spent in his studio, producing, mixing or editing new material for upcoming projects. FIT has become a compendium of music from a city that many revere but few understand. With his production, DJing, label and distribution hub, the hardest working man in techno is looking towards the future now more than ever.

D. Tiffany

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Vancouver’s unique brand of dance music is much like the city itself - hazy and laid-back, witha melancholic beauty unique to the North Pacific.Sophie Sweetland, better known as D. Tiffany (and occasionally as DJ Zozi) is perhaps the mostdistinctive artist to emerge from this scene. With a curious approach dripping with charm andoriginality, her productions effortless roam the familiar grounds of deep house, techno,breakbeat, disco, and ambient, but with the playful confidence of a true visionary.A sonic ambassador to the North, she has released music on Canadian labels Pacific Rhythm,1080p, Normals Welcome, Isla, Genero, Heart to Heart, and Cacao.