Loco Dice (Desolat ) - Yaya - Breiten

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Flash Nightclub

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Loco Dice

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DJ, producer and Desolat record label co-founder Loco Dice excels at reigning in and reimagining the future. Loco Dice was born in Düsseldorf as the son of Tunisian immigrants. The roots of his love for music stem from hearing soul and funk in the kitchen, and holidays with his mother in Tunisia. During these trips, he absorbed North African and Middle Eastern folk music influences. He also snuck away to watch his grandfather playing backgammon on the streets where he managed to walk away with enough pieces of dice that he eventually accumulated his own personal collection. This is how he earned his infamous nickname that eventually was combined with Loco which, was coined from the days spent in Ibiza during the 90’s… but that’s another story.


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Yaya grows up in Torino, in the resonant Babylon of his home, where the rhythms of his father’s, singer and leading voice of the ensemble M’bamina, drums prophesied a multi-ethnic Italy. During the 70’s the sound of M’bamina spread an exotic afro-beat sound in the smoky clubs of the cold Torino of those days. As a boy Yaya grew up surrounded by the sound of the albums released by one of the pioneer band of afro sound in Italy. Since his teen age, Yaya approaches with the rhythm performing as a drummer around the city. It is when at the age of 17 he purchases a pair of decks, that his blood’s rhythm takes an electronic turmoil driving him to house music: Yaya begins then playing at clubs and parties of the flourished techno-house scene of Turin. At 18, he lands for the first time in the island of music hedonism, Ibiza; his vivacity lead him to play at several afterhours and his musical assertiveness allowed him to be noticed by the entrepreneurs of the white island’s big electronic circus. In the afternoons, Yaya spent hours mixing synths of his hybrid sound, storing up a vast library of tracks. The arias of Yaya’s scores reach the ears of Loco Dice, who falls in love with the Afro Latin rumba of Fresca de l’Agua and decides to record the Vecute ep. The phone call, the turning point that changes his biography, Yaya receives it in 2009 in Africa: <>. Yaya thus becomes part of the Desolat family. So far, following the orbit of Desolat’s circles, he has landed in the big meccas of European electronic music: Fabric, Watergate, the Iarmaroc Fest in Romania, the Bermuda festival in Berlin, Row 14 and Goa in Barcelona , Sankeys in Manchester, Mint in Leeds, Silo in Liverpool, Mad in Lousanne, Cocoricò, Magazzini Generali...Yaya joins Desolat events during the Miami Music Conference, plays in New York City and around US, in South America and in Africa. In the 2013 summer season in Ibiza, Yaya performs at opening and closing of Space as during the We Love’s with Savana Potente dates in August, furthermore at the daily Loco Dice’s Used & Abused at Ushuaia, at the Tini & the Gang party at Sirocco beach and at Zoo Project. Yaya is a very prolific producer and in these years, his tracks has been released in vinyl and digital by Desolat, Cadenza, Be As One, Kina Music, Kiara Knock Knock series, Souvenir Plus, Etruria Beat, Maison d'être, Earlydub, Draft, Hoenregler, Hummingbird Label, Oblack records. Studio is where Yaya visaulises himself during the winter as aboard another flight with Desolat and playing another gig at Savana Potente, his playground, the best party in town.


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Breiten is the fourth resident DJ of the Cologne based off-location event group Rheinrhythmik. Growing up in a suburb of Seattle, surrounded by grunge and alternative rock, he managed to find Techno at twelve years old. Years later while studying abroad, Shane landed on the island of Ibiza and discovered House Music. After returning to America, he started collecting and mixing vinyl and for the next years Shane traveled the world, following electronic music. Today it seems that he has done nothing but search for and organize music for the last fifteen years, thus the Seattle native can play difficult warmups, laid back after-hour sets, or with peak-time power, all without sacrificing style. Within one year of his first club gig, Breiten plays regularly in Cologne and has begun to travel nationally and internationally. In 2012, Breiten joined the Cologne based collective Rheinrhythmik, becoming its fourth resident.