Adam Port / Voigtmann / Jus Nowhere b2b Throe / Natural Resources

Saturday, May 27, 2017

  • Adam Port ( Keinemusik | Berlin )
  • Jus Nowhere b2b Throe ( Rush Plus, Flash | DC )

  • Green Room: Deep Secrets
  • Voigtmann ( Toi.Toi.Musik, Hello?Repeat | Munich )
  • Benoit ( Deep Secrets, Sundays Rooftop | DC )

  • Flash Bar: Natural Resources
  • Pacific Fur Company ( Natural Resources | DC )
  • Hot Coffee ( Sticky Fingers Collective | DC )
  • Philip Goyette ( Flash, ESL | DC )


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KEINEMUSIK mainstay Adam Port has been an established name on the scene for some time now. Responsible for a slew of hits over the years that deftly combine influences as far reaching as dub, dancehall, and psychedelic rock, he’s managed to remain a constant force in a notoriously fickle and shifting industry. We’re honored to host him for the first time Saturday, May 27th.

Deep Secrets invites Toi Toi Musik co-founder Voigtmann and his intricately weaved grooves to the Green Room.

Adam Port

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Over the last years, Adam landed a string of much noticed releases on different labels, be it on Keinemusik, his Berlin-based label-mainstay or imprints like Freerange, Pets, Cocoon, Moon Harbour etc. It’s been tunes that immediately brought worldwide attention to his name. But then, instead of doing the obvious, getting a management, meeting demands, playing those big stages, delivering the hits, Adam once again did what felt best for him. Maintaining artistic integrity, releasing records that reflect where his love for music is at in one moment, not knowing where it might be on the very next release, and keeping DJ-sets not only interesting for a crowd, but also himself.That’s where he is at right now. There’s no scene-dictated tunnel view in his activities, there is only a pointed emphasis on style, on groove and sophistication. An emphasis, that, because it’s informed by Dub, Danchall, Rap, Soul or even Psychedelic Rock, is advanced enough to always shine through the inflationary characteristic of the genre as notably original.Granted: What Adam Port is laying his hands on might have its place within the parameters of House and Techno, but it’s always more than that. It’s his style.