Jay Tripwire

Friday, November 15, 2019

  • Jay Tripwire (Vancouver)
  • meegs (souled out! | DC)
  • Bamba (downtempo rituals | DC)

  • GREEN ROOM: better listen sessions
  • Joshua lang (BWC Sounds | Philadelphia)
  • Martín Miguel (Better Listen Records | DC)

  • Flash Bar: Dusk
  • DJ SOul 
  • Dj a. plane 
  • tantra

Flash Nightclub

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Friday November 15th we welcome industry influential innovator, Jay Tripwire for an affair on the Club Level. As a twenty year long touring DJ, Jay Tripwire’s craft dates back to when every party was vinyl only. He has made appearances on highly regarded labels such as Ransom Note, Conya, NRK, Cinematic and Hallucination, and can always be counted on for another standout release. He has played in over 200 cities worldwide, often revisiting Fabric in London where he has slowly changed his approach to DJing, and production sound. Jay’s talent in the studio has found him new fans generation after generation from both DJ’s and clubbers alike. Chances are, if you’ve been to any major festivals around the world, you’ve probably heard Jay’s productions on the dancefloor without knowing it!


Foremost Jay Tripwire is a Dj and his craft goes back to when every party was vinyl only and there was no sync button, an ethos still to this day Jay adheres to. Tripwire is getting old and has over 25 years under his belt professionally as a DJ and has toured extensively for 20 years with gigs taking him to over 200 cities worldwide. He might have blood clots from all that flying, but he drinks alot of fish oil. #notvegan  (Continue reading on residentadvisor.net/dj/jaytripwire/biography)