Sunday Love: Holmar - Jake the Rapper - Dastan

Sunday, July 7, 2019

  • holmar ( iceland)
  • jake the rapper (kater blau | BERLIN)
  • dastan (dc)

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Legend has it that Hólmar was born during the dawn of winter solstice, way up in the highlands of Iceland, to one of it’s oldest and most secret “Hidden People” communes. Sadly his elvish mother passed from complications during birth, and one fateful night not long after, he was found by his human adoptive parents on their doorstep. They were sheep farmers in the valley below and in a letter they found by his side, they were promised the protection of their flock in exchange for raising him as their own. Knowing the many tales of wrath inflicted on villagers not complying with their highland neighbors, they took him in straight away and Hólmar spent his formative years on their quaint farm. His mother, an avid swimmer, would bring him to the cold mountain lakes during the summer months and teach him all there was to know about being the best there was in the water. It was during one of these lessons, he was discovered by the national synchronized swimming coach, who by chance was hiking in the area. Enamored by Hólmar’s raw talent, he negotiated his move from the tranquil countryside to the nations capital, Reykjavik City. There he began his training and quickly became an integral member of the Icelandic squad. It was during the course of his training for the Olympics in Seoul, that he suffered a serious injury which ended his professional swimming career abruptly. Fortunately, he was able to continue his passion for synchronized group movements above water and formed a dance troupe called the “Black Widows”. He traveled with them all over Scandinavia winning multiple competitions and dance off’s. Throughout his time with the “Widows" he discovered his passion for music while putting together playlists for their shows. Eventually he was asked to perform these playlists "live" at parties all over Reykjavik's then bustling underground scene. After many late night gigs, not showing up to practice and seriously messing up some of their shows, he was promptly ousted from the troupe. This was a devastating moment for Holmar and after a great deal of soul searching, he moved to New York. There he hit the ground running and started throwing rollicking parties all over the Big Apple. He formed the infamous Crack & Speed Records with his good Parisian friend Jef-k. On C&S he debuted his music as a part of the “super” group Mr. Negative & The Spencer Filipsson Experience. During one of Holmar’s parties at a former brothel on the Lower East Side, he met Greg Oreck and shortly thereafter founded “Thugfucker”. After working together for a few years, during one hot summer night in Hólmar’s studio in Williamsburg, they created “Disco Gnome”. This record ended up being the first release on Life and Death Records and launched them into the international scene along with Tale of Us and Dj Tennis. He spent next years touring with Greg and fellow mates at Life and Death causing general mayhem and good times at clubs and festivals all around the globe. In 2011 he went to Burning Man for the first time, a pivotal moment for him, and now he can be found every year, riding his bike around and playing many marathon sets all week long. In recent years in addition to his work with "Thugfucker" he has started new collaborations. He co-founded “Lovestruckk” with Nico Stojan, “Theory of Light” with Brian Cid, “The Birds Fly South” with Maxxi Soundsystem and his first release in 2018 will be an E.P with L.A’s Jon Charnis. He is also a part of a new dj collective the infamous "Twisted Sisterz". In 2018 we will see his departure from “Thugfucker", launching his solo career. He has now brought his dancing shoes back out of retirement and has staged new impromptu of dance performances of the "Black Widows" on and off stage during his shows, staying true to his choreography roots…

Jake the Rapper

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Jacob Dove Basker was born in 1970 in the Bronx. He didn’t really grow up in New York , more like all over the northern U.S., including places like Moscow (Idaho) and Chicago; But he feels most at home in Seattle. Jake left America in 1990 to get a different perspective on the first gulf war, started by the first Bush. He arrived with 500 dollars, which he managed to stretch over six months using his exotic charm, Henry Miller style. He then discovered the Hamburg Art College (Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg) and stayed there until he emerged with an of ciallooking slip of paper from the state, of cially extolling him as a bona de artist. This enabled him to become a New Media trollop for a stint, although Jake has always been more of a jack of all trades. Trades like comic artist, tattoo artist, animator, niceguy and wiseguy. But the music has always been the vehicle to propel him down the endless one way street that is life. Then Jake moved to Berlin in 2005 and everything changed.
He released his self-titled LP, a crossover between hip hop, electro, and house. Then he discovered the Bar 25 and basically never left. he became a resident there in 2006 and remained a part of the family until its final closing. During that time he became a well-known and vital xture in the Berlin party scene, quickly developing into a sort of lovable, eccentric, deep house legend on the decks across Europe. He tours incessantly, spreading his special eclectic but funky blend of music and his joyful vibes. In Berlin, Jake plays regularly in Kater Blau, Watergate, Ritter Butzke, Wilde Renate, Sisyphos or Chalet. His own productions include
now classics like “Hollow Inside” and “Less Talking”. He has worked together with many artists, including Format B, Terranova, H.O.S.H., Alexander Kowalski, Channel X, Oliver Koletzki, making tracks like “Somerthing Suitable”, “Snug Descent (I love the couch, baby)”, “50 ways to Love Your Liver” and his recent release “Animal Instincts” with Sascha Braemer, on Stil Vor Talent. When Performing, Jake has been described as being able to create a bridge between old school and new school, house and techno, while keeping a constant pressure on the dancefloor, building steady suspense and then a much celebrated release, all the while remaining perfectly calm amidst the craziness, and generally smiling like a loon.