The Ghost - Gene on Earth - KRN - Peter Kaufmann - Taiga

Friday, September 13, 2019

  • The ghost ( Germany )
  • gene on earth ( germany )
  • krn ( germany )

  • peter kaufmann (dc)
  • taiga (DC)

Doors 10:00 PM
Flash Nightclub

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Josh Tweek and James Creed have a combined 15 years of experience in varied corners of dance music - most significantly, the vinyl corner, where a history of feverishly sourcing obscure tunes has blossomed into a full-time job.

The vintage Mercedes bus-turned-shop takes them just a short distance around Berlin, feeding the voracious appetites of the city’s most discerning taste-makers and DJs. The musical journey contained therein is a much longer road, exploring three decades of house, techno and various other strains of underground electronic music. The end-product is a couple of ultra-refined record bags, traversing genres and styles with a zesty and unique approach….


Gene awakens in the hazy sunlight of his own world, heading towards the horizon on the road to everywhere and nowhere all at once. Once a monochrome existence, he’s found himself now submerged in a vivid technicolour dream world. Wherever it leads, he’ll find out soon enough.