16 Bit Lolitas - Esther Silex - Trev-ski - Cider House Mules

Friday, July 21, 2017

  • 16 Bit Lolitas ( Anjunadeep | Amsterdam )
  • Esther Silex ( Studio Barnhus | Cologne )
  • Trev-ski ( MOdERN CLASS | DC )

  • Green Room:
  • Hugo Zapata ( Brutal Disco | DC )

  • Flash Bar: Cider House Mules
  • Raha Wala ( Meso Creso )
  • DJ Meegs ( Cider House Mules | DC )
  • The Barber Streisand ( DC )

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Dutch duo 16 Bit Lolitas are progressive-house heavyweights. A flagship signee to the revered Anjunadeep imprint, their back catalogue of impressive cuts stretches back to the early aughts. Over their lengthy career, The duo’s remarkably tight productions continue to be crafted with extreme care and emotion, creating an authentic atmosphere that avoids overused trends or obvious techniques.

Cologne based Esther Silex is the newest addition to the free spirited Swedish label Studio Barnhus. Her in-depth knowledge as a selector began at the tender age of 17, leading to an eclectic sound not only as a DJ but as a producer as well. Her musically diverse productions are impossible to pigeon hole, but never cease to burn up the dance floor.

16 Bit Lolitas

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After becoming part of the management roster of Armada Music, Dutch duo 16 Bit Lolitas also joined the award-winning record company with their Bits & Pieces label. The label, a realm for progressive-house fans since 2007, is home to all 16 Bit releases, as well as many other gifted producers.16 Bit Lolitas claimed worldwide recognition with tracks like ‘Murder Weapon’, ‘Nobody Seems To Care’, ‘Sedna’ and remixes for the likes of Sander Kleinenberg and Armin van Buuren. Their productions are known for their patiently crafted, sophisticated sound, produced with emotion and care. The Bits & Pieces label represents tracks that create a spark upon the dance floor, delivering atmosphere as well as a killer pay-off. Next up on the label, is the new 16 Bit Lolitas E.P., ‘The Rise’ & ‘You Are An Astronaut’. Averaging 4 quality releases a year, the label lives up to the ‘quality over quantity’ rule.Armada Music, triple award winner for ‘Best Global Record Label’ at the International Dance Music Awards, gives a warm welcome to the talented producer/DJ duo. Maykel Piron, Managing Director of Armada Music:”We’ve been keeping track of these guys for quite a while and were pleasantly surprised when we heard their latest work. The Bits & Pieces label makes a great addition to our record company and we’re really looking forward to all the good stuff that is to come from it. We are very happy to welcome them on board.”

Esther Silex

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“Dance, dance otherwise we are lost” the larger than life modern dance choreographer and ballet director Pina Bausch once said. The Cologne based DJ and producer Esther Silex deeply believes in those words of wisdom and took the statement as one of many inspirations behind her debut EP “Pachamama” for Sweden’s finest free spirited electronic music label Studio Barnhus. The EP title refers to the old mother earth goddess of the indigenous people of the Andes, who is an independent deity that has her own creative power to sustain life on planet earth. For Silex she is a divineness that follows her on each and every step as a female with groove in her heart.After a nomadic upbringing all around Europe she started to play records at the tender age of 17 and quickly became an integral part of Cologne’s house and techno scene. Her sets are anything but predictable, with an eclectic selection that somehow weaves seamlessly through techno and house to soul, funk, afro and disco. This spring, whilst spending lots of time with her Cologne roommate Matt Karmil and learning from his experience and musical wisdom, he helped her finalise her debut EP. The three tracks named ‘Hans’, ‘Heinrich’ and ‘Oskar’ of her debut release, reflect this musical diversity and don’t adhere to any formula, whilst remaining entirely and explosively dance floor friendly.

DJ Meegs

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Meegs was first introduced to electronic music in the early 90’s when she attended her first “rave” at the Capital Ballroom in Washington DC. “Back then the staples were Scott Henry, Bad Boy Bill, Doc Martin, and Charles (gonna make you) Feelgood”, who came to be her “first” favorite dj. After moving to LA and meeting some local dj’s, she was invited to play percussion (congas, djembe) at various underground parties around Los Angeles. This spawned her career as a local promoter first, which led to dj’n and eventually hosting her own weekly parties ‘SPIN’, ‘XPRESSION’, ‘HAPPY HOUSE, HAPPY HOUR’ & ‘GET WELL SUNDAYS’ in LA.Keeping with her roots and traditional musicianship, Meegs is known for incorporating live music and dancing with her sets. Her organic, soulful sound invites live instrumentation where you can hear her preference for funk, latin, reggae & celtic beats fused with soul driven lyrics with emotional content. “My goal is to continue growing the HOUSE music community in DC & beyond, collaborate with other musicians, and attempt to make the Irish jig cool!” Meegs currently holds various residencies in DC, produces her own music & moving forward in the art of video-djing.