Sunday Love x Pride: Analog Soul - LIVING feat Ray Zuniga & Nikita

Sunday, June 9, 2019

  • Analog Soul (Brooklyn)
  • LIVING: Ray Zuniga & Nikita (NYC)
  • strikestone! (dc)

Flash Nightclub

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Analog Soul

Analog Soul, the Brooklyn based twin sister DJ duo, has been a mainstay in the New York underground scene for well over a decade. Known for their diversity in sound, the sisters aim to create soundscapes that explore a deeper, groovier side of house, Detroit techno, acid, electro and electronica. Born in the San Francisco Bay area to a writer mother and sculptor father, their childhood was marked by an avid appreciation and promotion of the arts and culture. At a young age Jacquelyn would soon discover her talent as a dancer while Kat pursued the fine arts through painting and drawing. Music however, would prove to be their destined paths. Artists like Herbie Hancock, Paul Hardcastle and Kraftwerk would later influence their introduction to electronic music. In the late 90s parties at SF’s Sound Factory, 1015, and the EndUp introduced the duo to nightlife, electronic music and DJ culture. After moving to New York the ladies secured a weekly radio spot on the famed eastvillageradio.com in 2004 and the Analog Soul show was born. While the overall sound was largely dance-based, the show was aimed at promoting quality underground music and artists. Although it ended in 2009, the twins would continue to play regularly at various venues in the city, such as APT, Love, and Stay. International gigs would soon follow.



LIVING is a Brooklyn born underground party founded in 2017. Poly sexual passioned dance politics founded by RAY ZUNIGA (Output, Touch of Class, Signal Flow) & NIKITA (Listed, PLAY). The concept of LIVING is an elevating, Thriving, Meaty-beaty, rug cuttin’, hip-diplacin’, rigorous musical atmosphere, shaking and shifting up dance floors across America and Eruope! Pursuing individual and encouraging all to be LIVING their best lives through the MUSIC. Previous LIVING experiences have hosted iconic artists such as Mr. C, Danny Howells, Cassy, Eddie Richards, Jeno and Brett Johnson. Most recently the duo rocket the main stage countdown set at the Cityfox Experience on New Years Eve at the Brooklyn Mirage alongside Jamie Jones and Honey Dijon.

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