Onur Özer - Taimur Agha

Saturday, August 25, 2018

  • Onur Özer ( Treatment, Vakant | Berlin )
  • Taimur Agha ( BLKmarket membership, the selectors | NYC )
  • Navbox ( FLASH | DC )

  • Green Room:
  • Jay Prouty ( Dojo Sessions | NYC )
  • Emma ( Vinyl Please | NYC )
  • Kevin Osha ( Vinyl Please | NYC )

  • Flash Bar: Dusk
  • DJ Soul ( Dusk | DC )
  • K Kaoz Miller ( DC )

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Onur Özer

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Onur’s musicality has formed under the same variety of influences as has his native city, Istanbul - music from Asia, Europe and the Middle East shaped the rhythms and melodies of his childhood and youth. This cultural diversity still comes radiating through in all of Onur’s musical output. At the end of the 90s, Onur began to be seduced by electronic music, when Istanbul developed a thriving tech and minimal house scene in whose center Onur started his career as producer and DJ at the beginning of the new millenium. In 2003, he already held various residencies in Istanbul’s best clubs and traveled abroad to his first performances as a DJ.

Taimur Agha

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As co-founder, resident DJ, and one of the creative minds of Blk|Market Membership since its founding in 2006, Taimur Agha has been instrumental in rebuilding New York’s resurgent dance community after its retreat to the underground post-9/11. When Bill Patrick, Nick Ac, and Dennis Rodgers ended ROBOTS, they handed the torch to Taimur and former partner Fahad Haider to become the leading lights the next nightlife era in New York. Blk|market Membership’s guests are a who’s who of the scene’s most important names; Taimur’s personal DJ resume includes multiple appearances at world renown clubs, festivals and parties: fabriclondon, OUTPUT NYC, ReSolute NYC, Panorama Bar, Montreal’s STEREO, Trouw (RIP), Club der Visionaere, Miami’s Space Terrace and Electric Pickle, SmartBar Chicago, Moscow’s Arma17 & Gipsy, Romania’s Sunwaves, Francois K’s Deep Space, Detroit’s infamous Need I Say More, Ibiza’s Zoo Project and tINI & the Gang parties, Apollonia’s BPM party, B018 in Beirut, Dubai’s Analog Room, and many more, alongside many of the world’s most important DJs. In the last few months Taimur has played at Craig Richard’s Houghton Festival in the UK, St Martin’s newest SXM festival and in Havana, Cuba for the Eyeife Festival weekend. As head of buying and distribution at Halcyon the shop Records from 2008 until mid-2014, Taimur’s work helped lead the resurgence of the local scene. His community-oriented radio show The Bandwagon ran 116 episodes and brought together labels and promoters from around the city, with showcases for The Bunker, ReSolute, L.I.E.S., Deconstruct Music, Underground Quality, The Corner, Plan B Recordings, Blkmarket headliners, and many others. With eleven years of history and accolades for helping to revive one of the world’s most important dance music scenes, Taimur and Blk|Market Membership hold an esteemed position as architects of New York’s contemporary scene as well as guiding lights for its future. On the strength of these accomplishments, Taimur devoted himself full-time to his own DJ career, his record labels, and to The Selectors, his new event series.


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Navbox emigrated to the States in the 90s from Iran as a classically trained pianist with a deep passion for music. That passion turned him onto electronic music and he picked up a pair of turntables at the turn of the last century. In the early 2000's, he got his start playing in Washington DC before relocating to Boston and studying music engineering. Soon after, he found himself playing the underground circuit in Boston, comfortably tangled up in house & techno yet again.Returning to the District in '08, he continued to pursue DJ'ing and found that the city was missing an underground dance music scene. He founded Stranger Than Paradise (STP) and began curating events in clubs, bars, warehouses, rooftops and wherever else he could. Navbox mastered his craft playing alongside leading talents like Cassy, Bruno Pronsato, Delano Smith, Jan Krueger and many others.Fast forward to 2016 and Navbox has been at it for many years. Between DJ'ing and producing, he is booker and resident DJ for Flash in Washington DC, an incredible venue built for house and techno. His love for music is evident in his musical repertoire, spanning from deep house to techno, and his passion leads him to seek music that moves the feet as well as the mind. Navbox portrays the DJ-set as a journey, continually striving to break down static conceptions of house music in ways that inspire listeners beyond the confines of clubs and parties.