FLESH Halloween

Thursday, October 31, 2019

  • Function (Sandwell District | Berlin)
  • rush plus (emissions |dc)

  • francis inferno orchestra (Australia)
  • tommy cornelis (the needle exchange |DC)


Flash Nightclub

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On Halloween Night we are pleased to host our favorite freaky party, Flesh, filled with your biggest phobias along with the deep raw tunes of Sandwell Dsitrict’s founding member Function and Australian-born producer, Francis Inferno District. Upon arrival, guests should expect the strongest of medicines to help face your fears, move your feet and warm your soul during the night’s freakish festivities. Wind through the haze of October 31st, keeping an eye out for the wickedest webs, creepiest crawlers, and surely some very pertifying partygoers. We welcome the erriest spirits, both old and new to join us for this seriously hair-raising, spine-chilling, bloodcurdling operation hosted on Florida Ave. 

Function lays down the law in the Main Room, providing everyone with a healthy dose of pure power and magical combination of wicked yet pleasurable sounds. A key underground techno influencer with 25+ years of experience, Dave Sumner, aka Function, takes us on a next level Halloween journey. Warming up the room is DC talented duo Rush Plus, who have stemmed their sounds from a minimal, heavy and cerebral sounds from the likes of Shed, Truncate, and Ben Sims. Heading the Rooftop on this supernatural night is one of the most esteemed talents to emerge from Australia’s creative capital of Melbourne, Francis Inferno Orchestra. We welcome his wonky, discofied, big room house sound back to Flash.

🏆Halloween Prizes:

In addition to a frightening fantasy and some fat bass lines this Halloween, we are giving away prizes to lucky winners who takes the most exotic, creative and over the top photo in the Flash photo booth located in Flash Bar. Venture into the spider’s photo den if you dare! 📸

🥇1st place for best photobooth photo receives: $300 cash. Runner up receives a complimentary bottle of champagne! As always: no cellular phones on the dancefloor, let’s keep it dark. Don’t risk it. 🥂🍾


Hailing from New York, he was seduced by techno when Jeff Mills held

residency (as well as his own first) at Limelight in the early 90s.

Producing from the mid-90s onward, he released his first 12"s on

Damon Wild's Synewave and his own Infrastructure imprint. A chance

meeting in 1996 brought him together with Regis (Karl O'Connor). The

two worked as Portion Reform, releasing uncompromising music on

Downwards, making him the only non-Birmingham producer to appear

on the label. He later moved to Berlin in 2007, still working with Regis,

and now Silent Servant (Juan Mendez), putting his focus on Sandwell

District. Since, the label come collective, skyrocketed into cult status -

decentralizing the artist ego, blurring the lines between the artist, label

and dj; re-arranging the DNA of modern dance music.

Initially releasing records under their own identities, as the label's

success grew, it came to be seen increasingly as a collective entity,

releasing tracks and albums anonymously partly in revolt against the

increasingly celebrity-oriented DJ culture of the time, culminating in its

2010 collective album Feed Forward. Their sound has been highly

influential across the following generation of techno musicians, and has

informed a major shift in world techno. By the time the label

announced its "glorious death" in 2012 (continuing only as a performing

act) the American Billboard magazine would write that "Sandwell

District's influence on underground techno can hardly be overstated."

The move to Berlin proved successful, bringing both Function and

Sandwell District to enigmatic status. Headlining festivals worldwide, his

sets at Labyrinth, Japan from 2009-2011 became things of legend;

Sandwell closing Sonar's main stage in 2010 proved their impact, with

regular Time Warp, Awakenings and Dekmantel appearances (to name a

few), combined with frequent club appearances at Berghain, Berlin;

Fabric, London; and The Bunker, New York, and other key techno

clubs/parties around the world, Sumner's status as one of techno's

most important figures became evident.

(Continue reading on residentadvisor.net/dj/function/biography)


Melbourne has emerged over the last half decade as a one of the most exciting destinations for underground music. Francis Inferno Orchestra is among the most esteemed talents to emerge from Australia’s creative capital. His wonky discofied yet off kilter, house sound which has one step in the past and one toward the future, has also permeated the Superconscious label he runs alongside Fantastic Man. A label which champions australian music & beyond and already in it’s youthful lifespan become a ‘one to watch’ in the underground scene.

The Australian DJ/Producer made the breakthrough to the international scene with ease – and has kept heads spinning with a stream of seriously danceable releases since 2010. Presenting house and techno classics alongside esoteric rare oddities from beyond his years, FIO’s DJ sets are a low – brow history lesson – respecting the past without being a slave to it. He has grown to become a key figure of Melbourne’s always growing underground dance scene, being invited across the country and further abroad, where he is now a firm regular on the international circuit.

2014 saw the release of FIO’s debut album A New Way of Living which was met with great reception and proved just how much talent this unique young artist holds. Since then he has been busy in the studio turning out sought after 12″s such as the “Where will you be spending eternity?” that included the hit ‘ Harmony’ and “Oasis & A Time”, as well as a number of esteemed remixes.


Individually, Justin Nouhra (Jus Nowhere) and Jackson Ryland have played in DC at the usual spots (U Street Music Hall, Flash) for several years, opening together for Alex Niggemann, George Fitzgerald and DVS1. 

Past 12" releases saw a house-influenced approach to production; their Rush Plus collaboration project sees a fresh take for both in techno. Influences stem from a minimal, heavy and cerebral side of techno, from the likes of Shed, Truncate, and Ben Sims. 

2016 will see the first 12" self-releases from the project. The duo has gained support from heavyweights DVS1, Exos, Bambounou, LPZ, Lo Shea, Len Faki, Ben Klock and Daniel Avery to name a few.