FOCUS: Avalon Emerson; Better Listen Sessions

Friday, May 19, 2017

  • Avalon Emerson ( Whities | Berlin )
  • Ben Jenkins ( Partial Magic | DC )

  • Green Room: Better Listen Sessions
  • Dorsi Plantar ( Better Listen Records, Kyoku Records | Copenhagen )
  • Martín Miguel ( Better Listen Records | DC )
  • Heights ( Better Listen Records | DC )

  • Flash Bar: Forecast
  • Jett Chandon ( SpreadLove Project | DC )

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Technophile Avalon Emerson broke through last year with her much celebrated debut EP for the Whities imprint. Since then, she has taken her wide-ranging, energetic, and palpably jubilant sound to eager dancefloors the world over. We are honored to host her D.C. debut this May. In the Green Room, D.C. based label Better Listen Records celebrates the release of their fourth EP, with Dorsi Plantar coming stateside for the occasion.

Avalon Emerson

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"Avalon Emerson is a producer and DJ based in Berlin via San Francisco. Some of her first DJ gigs took place at clandestine warehouse parties in San Francisco (which Avalon herself had a hand in throwing) but have developed into a mature and long-form art all her own. Avalon's production tastes aren't limited to one particular corner of the electronic sphere, although her own music does reflect the passion of American house, the mentality of underground techno, and the playfulness of Belgian new beat." - Surefire