Sunday Love x FAFF Lounge: Matthew Dekay - Navbox - Neko Berg - Anandroid

Sunday, July 14, 2019

  • matthew Dekay (Anonymous Souls | berlin)
  • navbox (flash | dc)
  • neko berg
  • anandroid (meso creso | DC)

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Matthew Dekay

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Matthew Dekay, Dutch composer and DJ has pushed the boundaries of electronic music for nearly two decades. His training, in composition and classical piano, and his constant mastery of cutting-edge technology, have been the building blocks to his sonic innovation. Dekay’s DJ sets are instantly recognizable by his distinct signature “groove” where he simultaneously blends multiple tracks, creating a hypnotic composition that captivates the dance floor. His love for a variety of genres in electronic dance music, ranging from ambient, house music to dub techno, translates to an affection for long extended DJ sets. Dekay grew up in a musical family, his dad being a funk bass guitar player, who also had an obsession for reggae/dub, and his mother dancing in a Romanian folk group. He developed a diverse taste in music, ranging from composers such as Satie, Terry Riley, Vangelis, to artists such as Bob Marley and King Tubby. Growing up in Haarlem, The Netherlands, Matthew was first exposed to electronic music in the early ’90s. Deeply inspired by the early club movement, with legendary spots like the Roxy and iT in Amsterdam, he quickly became obsessed with combining his musical roots and this new wave. In the early 2000s, Matthew had a quick string of successes with his early music productions, and he found himself performing in clubs and festivals all over the world, ranging from clubs like Space and Amnesia in Ibiza to festivals like the Berlin Love Parade and Dance Valley in Amsterdam. By 2008, Dekay began to explore new sonic possibilities in the studio with Canadian producer Jimmy Vallance (aka Bob Moses). What Matthew discovered in this collaboration was eventually used as the foundation for a new sound; which later became known as the signature sound of the influential party series and record label, All Day I Dream. Dekay co-founded All Day I Dream in partnership with Lee Burridge in 2011. Burridge was eager to develop a party concept that reflected another part of his broad musical taste as a DJ. It wasn’t long before their ADID imprint was a sensation in the New York party scene. One of the first tracks ‘Lost In A Moment,’ which was signed to the Berlin-based label Innervisions, epitomized the ADID sound and quickly became a blueprint all over the world. At the end of 2015, Dekay released a 1-hour cinematic soundtrack, combining a series of works from the evolution of his career without any beats supporting the music. Named after one of his successful tracks “Für die liebe,” which means “For the love,” in German, this highly innovative mix was featured by XLR8R. After the summer of 2016, Dekay decided it was time to leave ADID to further his horizons and exploration in electronic music. In 2017 Matthew took some time off for the studio to try out different techniques and to utilize new technology to push the sonic boundaries of his productions even further, which resulted in a collaboration with a legendary local electrical engineer who has also worked with some of the most avant-garde electronic music producers in the Berlin underground scene. In 2018, Dekay returned to making dance floor orientated music. His most recent sets have given us a sneak peak of his upcoming releases on the artist group Mandar’s label, Oscillat, including a collaboration project with S.A.M. (a member of Mandar). Dekay will also launch a highly anticipated party concept in Berlin later this year. In addition to all of this Matthew has started to release music under his alias MDK (DE) and is planning to finally release more unreleased material of his that has been doing the rounds in the club scene for some time now.


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Navbox emigrated to the States in the 90s from Iran as a classically trained pianist with a deep passion for music. That passion turned him onto electronic music and he picked up a pair of turntables at the turn of the last century. In the early 2000's, he got his start playing in Washington DC before relocating to Boston and studying music engineering. Soon after, he found himself playing the underground circuit in Boston, comfortably tangled up in house & techno yet again. Returning to the District in '08, he continued to pursue DJ'ing and found that the city was missing an underground dance music scene. He founded Stranger Than Paradise (STP) and began curating events in clubs, bars, warehouses, rooftops and wherever else he could. Navbox mastered his craft playing alongside leading talents like Cassy, Bruno Pronsato, Delano Smith, Jan Krueger and many others. Fast forward to 2016 and Navbox has been at it for many years. Between DJ'ing and producing, he is booker and resident DJ for Flash in Washington DC, an incredible venue built for house and techno. His love for music is evident in his musical repertoire, spanning from deep house to techno, and his passion leads him to seek music that moves the feet as well as the mind. Navbox portrays the DJ-set as a journey, continually striving to break down static conceptions of house music in ways that inspire listeners beyond the confines of clubs and parties.

Neko Berg

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Neko Berg is a Brazilian born, Washington DC native who was first introduced to dance music at fourteen. He began mixing at age 23 after being inspired by his travels to Europe and South America. Most of his sets and production is comprised of a heavy use of drums and ranges stylistically from downtempo to afro house. Neko is the co-founder of Groove Syndicate, runs the weekly Industry Tuesday party at El Techo and the monthly artist showcase at LA POP DC. He has performed at the iconic Eighteenth Street Lounge, U Street Music Hall, Flash, 1722 and more. He's opened for DJ/Producers Behrouz, Bedouin, Jay Tripwire, Saaed Younan, Israel Vich, No Regular Play, YokoO, Black Coffee and Hot Since 82.


Anandroid is a Washington, DC based purveyor of cold electronica infused with the warmth of the human spirit. Tune in to listen to his latest adventures, weaving together the futuristic and the folkloric from around the world. He is a co-founder, resident DJ and curator of the Crepúsculo Sereno project, and is a resident DJ and curator of DC-based global arts collective Meso Creso. He curated the music lineup for both editions of Nomadico Festival and has had the pleasure of playing at a number of festivals including Cosmic Convergence, PEX Summer Festival, Gratitude Migration and Nomadico.