Sunday Love x Daytime Discotheque: D. Tiffany - DJ Heure

Sunday, August 12, 2018

  • D. Tiffany ( Coastal Haze | Vancouver )
  • DJ Heure ( Distant Hawaii, Lobster Theremin | Melbourne )
  • Hot Coffee ( Sticky Fingers Collective | DC )
  • Samantha Francesca ( Sticky Fingers Collective | DC )

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D. Tiffany

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Vancouver’s unique brand of dance music is much like the city itself - hazy and laid-back, witha melancholic beauty unique to the North Pacific.Sophie Sweetland, better known as D. Tiffany (and occasionally as DJ Zozi) is perhaps the mostdistinctive artist to emerge from this scene. With a curious approach dripping with charm andoriginality, her productions effortless roam the familiar grounds of deep house, techno,breakbeat, disco, and ambient, but with the playful confidence of a true visionary.A sonic ambassador to the North, she has released music on Canadian labels Pacific Rhythm,1080p, Normals Welcome, Isla, Genero, Heart to Heart, and Cacao.

DJ Heure

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