JETS [Jimmy Edgar + Machinedrum]

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

  • DJ nativesun DC

Flash Nightclub

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Born in Detroit in 1983, Edgar learned piano in black churches as a kid and DJing among Detroit’s hometown heroes as a teen. Under various personas (including Kristuit Salu vs Morris Nightingale, and Michaux), Edgar spent his late teens and early 20s experimenting with strains of Techno, G-Funk, House, Electro, Bass Music, and even his own “software virus as music”. 

By age 18, the multi-instrumentalist fond of fiddling with tape loops and found sound was signed to Warp where he eventually released 2004’s Access Rhythm, 2005’s Bounce Make Model, and 2006’s breakthrough Color Strip, notable for its use of custom-built gear and its agnostic synthesis of Midwest funk, West Coast hip hop and European electro. 

Other labels Edgar has called home include Poker Flat, who released his 2002 single “We Like You”; K7! who released 2010’s XXX EP, featuring floor-fillers “Hot Raw Sex” and “Turn You Inside Out”; and Scuba’s Hotflush imprint who released 2012’s Majenta EP that included the “Art of Noise meets Timbaland” track “In Deep”, and the “Prince meets Frankie Knuckles” burner “This One’s for the Children”.

In fundamental ways Majenta heralded an evolution in Jimmy’s sound, leaning more esoteric than erotic, foreshadowing sonic and conceptual changes expressed vividly on Mercurio. Without losing its austere futuristic edge, Edgar’s body music evolved from raunchy, raucous bass into sublime, viscous, funk, dense with ricocheting vocal samples, shuffling beats, and manic synths jabs. Similarly, the artwork for Majenta, “Sex Drive”, and “This One’s for the Children” highlighted Edgar’s esthetic, reminiscent of 1980s science and paranormal magazine Omni covers. “I wanted to develop a new style of airbrushing to convey a metaphysical, otherworldly, yet familiar and subliminal feeling.” 

Transcendence has long been a vital force in Edgar’s life, guiding his ascent in music and art as he maneuvered between cities, relationships, and mediums. In Ultramajic, musician, artist, and unofficial warlock Jimmy Edgar has everything he needs to transport fans to worlds beyond our three dimensions and five senses. Ready to take your body, soul, and mind on a trip? Step to the front of the line, and leave your baggage behind

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American electronic music producer, born March 4, 1982 in Eden, North Carolina.


DJ Nativesun is a DJ/producer based in Washington, D.C. He’s known as a melodic archivist, Nativesun bridges the gap between culture at large & underground