Marcus Worgull - Tim Engelhardt

Saturday, September 23, 2017

  • Marcus Worgull ( Innervisions | Köln )
  • Tim Engelhardt ( Innervisions | Cologne )
  • Solomon Sanchez ( Flash | DC )

  • Green Room:
  • Alex Eljaiek ( DC )
  • Mina ( DC )

  • Flash Bar:
  • Heather Femia ( NightFlight | DC )
  • Dj Meegs ( Cider House Mules | DC )

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Marcus Worgull

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Nope, Marcus Worgull’s parents didn’t have a record collection full of miraculous funk, soul and jazz records. Believe us, they didn’t. Consequentially, six-year-old Marcus didn’t place himself on a soapbox to play those non-existing ones to his relatives during family celebrations. I bet you are glad that we clarified that. Instead, Marcus had to go the really hard way. It were the late 80ies and growing up in cosy Wuppertal near Cologne, Germany that meant lots of learning, digging, searching and no perching at all.So the boy was on his travel through the world of merry music. Hip hop, reggae, funk, soul all purchased with his lunch and pocket money at a smalls tore named Groove Attack. Worgull got his fingers dusty there and as fate would have it, the store moved to Cologne mutated into a distributor along the way and is now run by Marcus himself. At around the same time, MW snuck into club’s like the Beat Box to hear DJs like Norman Jay or Gilles Peterson selecting, before he cut his teeth as a DJ at the infamous U-Club, where he took over the fortunes of the “house room” and played from start to finish. Learning the art of programming and all the other important disc jockey techniques from scratch. Thrilled by all the amazing platters of majestic deep house that were a plenty these days, Marcus’ soft spot for profound yet moving house music turned into a real obsession.As it goes with most passions, you cannot get rid of them that easy. So instead of making an occupational decision in getting an academic degree, Marcus choose the doomed path of music. A full-grown man by now with a mature record collection, he got deeper and deeper into the production side of it, recorded his first 12” for Spectrum Works, followed by the Texel EP including the still ueber-massive “Dragon Loop” for Berlin’s Innervisions imprint. Bound to the label of Dixon and Âme on a professional level and even more so on a personal one (friendship is way more important than fame and money a wise man once said, you know?), he is considered part of their inner circle and in-house producers. When he is not working on tracks for IV, you can catch him almost certainly on remix duties for people and labels like The Juan MacLean and DFA, Gerald Mitchell from Underground Resistance fame, Permanent Vacation and Running Back.But most of all, Marcus is still adoring the art of moving butts, spending his weekends on planes and trains (he actually prefers driving a car) to carry a bag of records to prized clubs like Robert Johnson, Fabric, Plastic People, Trouw or Sub Club on the regular. His very own selection of well-made and often newly laid house music that knows its roots as well as it is yearning for the future or explores the leftfield, is what you can expect from him. You can also reappraise his methods (and love for other music) on each of his specifically created and applauded mix shows that float the net. All of this is presented and custom-made for your pleasure with the loving hands of a working DJ. Pure Worgold!

Dan Ghenacia

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Dan Ghenacia is the undisputed kingpin of the Paris underground scene and one of France’s hottest DJ exports, having founded and ran for 7 years Freak N’Chic and now one of the three creative minds behind new label and b2b DJ outfit Apollonia.Dan’s love affair with music ignited whilst spending a year in California in his early 20’s, soaking up West Coast house and psychedelia. On his return to Paris, Dan channelled this passion into a record selling business opening his own store Traffic Records, but as a true fan of the music he didn’t just want to peddle vinyl – he wanted to play it. Quickly gaining notoriety on the Paris scene with the infamous afterparties at Batofar, it was here he honed his distinctive techno-meets-deep-house sound, at the same time inspiring a new generation of DJ’s and first sharing the decks with later to become lifelong friends, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky.With his intuition for raw talent and an ear for a killer track, Dan started his own label Freak N’Chic, breaking artists such as Dyed Soundorom, Djebali, Shonky, and even releasing the debut Jamie Jones EP. An unexpected dispute between the financial partners meant he was sadly forced to close the imprint in 2009, but ever determined, Dan only used this as an opportunity to refocus his artistic ambitions and take them to the next level… Apollonia was on the horizon.Aside from Paris Dan has spent many summers in Ibiza, although initially “afraid it was going to be cheesy” he grins, DC10 won him over and he quickly scored a coveted residency there. Ten years on, Summer season 2012 saw him rock a prime-time Terrace slot almost every other week, and since the club entered ‘A New Era’ he has become an integral duo along with Dyed Soundorom for their b2b sets. Outside of the club Dan can often be found behind the decks at a villa afterhours or daytime beach party, getting deep into everything, warm, sexy and groovy, whilst giving you a history lesson in house and techno vinyl. Loving to play for hours on end, Panorama Bar, Berlin is another outlet for his extended sets, having once played for 12 hours b2b with Shonky before exclaiming “we could play 12 hours more!”The afterhours being very much a defining point of Dan’s sound, he has released 10 complications each complimenting an era of his experiences – Sun Frenchie’s (1999) Co. will transport you back to the San Fran scene he continues to be so inspired by, Kwality (2002) will give you an insight into the depths of the Batofar, No Way You Can Sleep (2002) a taster of life as an international DJ on the road. More recently, Sound of the City (2011) epitomises the underground house style he pioneered in his hometown, gaining him industry recognition and later leading to demand for a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and Resident Advisor Podcast.2012 saw the highly-anticipated launch of Apollonia, Dan’s new record label with Dyed Soundorom and Shonky. Serving as a platform for the trio‘s productions, Dan’s recent collaboration with Shonky ‘Close To The Edge’ gained full support across the underground scene and became a prominent track of the summer, while a solo EP from Dan will be out before the end of the year. Once again exercising his eye for quality music, the debut album from Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez will be released on Apollonia, as well as carefully selected represses of Dan and the boys’ favourite classic vinyl, the first being ‘Underwater’ from .G. Also performing as a b2b2b DJ trio presenting special showcases around the world, Apollonia marks a new phase in Dan’s career – travelling and playing alongside his closest allies, more mature, confident and comfortable in his individual sound than ever.