Matthew Dekay - Breiten

Friday, January 12, 2018

  • Matthew Dekay ( All Day I Dream | Berlin )
  • Breiten ( Köln | Berlin )
  • Jus Nowhere ( Rush Plus, Cahoots | DC )

  • Green Room: Sol Power Sound Clash
  • Marc Meistro ( Sol Power Sound, ESL | DC )
  • DJ stylus ( Sol Power Sound, Axel F | DC )

  • Flash Bar: Nocturnal Emissions
  • markinthedark ( Nocturnal Emissions | DC )
  • DJ Nav ( Uptown House Experience | DC )

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Matthew Dekay

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Matthew Dekay is a Berlin based, Dutch electronic music composer and DJ whose label All Day I Dream is responsible for pushing some of today’s most romantic, melancholic and emotional house music.With an international career spanning over more than a decade Matthew was first exposed to electronic music in the early 90’s listening to composers like Vangelis and Terry Riley at a young age. This paved the way for Matthew to grow up and become a classically trained musician with a strong fixation for synthesizers. Today, it is these two factors coupled with his never ending hunt for new technology that helped define his signature style of production.Matthew relocated to Berlin in 2009, which provided him with a fresh musical understanding and appreciation. Soon after, Lee Burridge came over from London to work in the studio and they finally finished their first collaborative success on Cecile Records, “Wongel” Next came “Out of Order” also released on Cecile and the pair continued to work together on the All Day I Dream concept with tracks “Gemini Spell”, “Fur Die Liebe” and “Holding On” all released on the label.Next up came their remixes for Ian Pooley’s track “Groove Me” followed by “Tubby” released on Lee Burridge’s second new label Get Weird and then the pair produced what was to be their most successful record to date on German label Innervisions. “Lost In A Moment” Also remixed by label owner Dixon it has become the name used by Innervisions for their global party series “Lost In A Moment”Matthew finished 2012 with a widely respected featured podcast in December on Resident Advisor “RA 342”In 2013 Matthew continued to release music with his remix of Active Child’s “Johnny Belinda” which he made free for a limited time downloadable on his Soundcloud page. He also launched his new project Fur Die Liebe and in March 2014 released his first FDL mix compilation.Also this year as well as continuing to tour the world Matthew signed a 3 track EP “Amity” to Mano Le Tough’s new label Maeve featuring the tracks “Fangtango” and Patience Please” both which have become hugely successful since the release in July.After completing a metamorphosis through many styles and sounds, Matthew is now where he feels the most comfortable in expressing his creativity, making beautiful music that touches the soul.


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Breiten is the fourth resident DJ of the Cologne based off-location event group Rheinrhythmik. Growing up in a suburb of Seattle, surrounded by grunge and alternative rock, he managed to find Techno at twelve years old. Years later while studying abroad, Shane landed on the island of Ibiza and discovered House Music. After returning to America, he started collecting and mixing vinyl and for the next years Shane traveled the world, following electronic music. Today it seems that he has done nothing but search for and organize music for the last fifteen years, thus the Seattle native can play difficult warmups, laid back after-hour sets, or with peak-time power, all without sacrificing style. Within one year of his first club gig, Breiten plays regularly in Cologne and has begun to travel nationally and internationally. In 2012, Breiten joined the Cologne based collective Rheinrhythmik, becoming its fourth resident.

Marc Meistro


DJ stylus