James Zabiela

Thursday, December 7, 2017

  • James Zabiela ( Born Electric | UK )
  • Nick Flynn ( USB | DC )
  • J Swink ( Fierce Animals | DC )

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James Zabiela

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“James has an uncanny knack of making everyone in the crowd feel as though he's DJing just for them. Once the music starts, it’s not him and them: its everyone.”- Midland“He is technically the world’s best DJ” - Time Out, LondonSouthampton born James Zabiela is a rare breed of artist. Over the last 16 years he has become something of a heritage act despite still being 2 decades younger than his peers currently sharing that title; this, in part, is owing to his unrivalled technical abilities in his live performance which have cemented him into the hearts of electronic music lovers the world over.James' first taste of music was via his techno-loving Dad who would give him records when he was growing up, he then famously came to prominence when Sasha noticed his talents and gave a young Zabiela a chance to shine. Since then James has not only been labelled as a technical wizard countless times over but also spearheaded a successful record label and toured the globe many many times. Since its inception in 2012 James’ much loved Born Electric imprint has signed music from the likes of Hot Chip, Midland, FaltyDL, Cloud Boat, Tin Man, Scuba, Serge & Tyrell, Pedestrian and more all A&R'd by James personally.Curation of events is also something James has passionately developed with Born Electric stages and arenas both on home ground of the UK and internationally including Zoo Project, Global Gathering, Warehouse Project and Space, Ibiza. His residencies became the stuff of legend as Space, Ibiza closed in summer 2016 marking more than a decade of loyal service from Zabiela. Recent times saw a much coveted mash up from James in the form of Bon Iver vs Fatima Yamaha ‘Greeks’ - JZ Messina Mashup, which was picked up by numerous radio stations and tastemakers alike despite never officially being released.2017 sees a new compilation and corresponding tour for James.