Matthew Herbert - Solomon Sanchez - Ozelot Ltd.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

  • matthew herbert ( accidental records | uk )

  • green room:
  • oZelot LTd: manuel fisher, prioleau (zurich)
  • throe
  • taiga

  • FLASH BAR: vibe
  • kochi
  • andy grant

  • Augment VR Arcade [Opens at 2pm]

Flash Nightclub

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Matthew Herbert

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Accidental Records founder and musical mastermind Matthew Herbert has an especially diverse repertoire, earning him a reputation for pushing the boundaries between avant-garde and electronic. In his two decades plus of experience as a producer and composer, Herbert has sampled everything from the sound of bullets to pigs to a tank rolling over a recreation of the dinner that Nigella Lawson cooked for George Bush and Tony Blair while also releasing a profusion of club anthems and celebrated remixes. His unparalleled creativity comes with a dimension of political activism that is interwoven between the reverberant layers of multifaceted melodies. Coming off of his orchestral ’Brexit Big Band’ tour, expect the unexpected when Matthew Herbert takes over the decks.