Sunday Love ♥: Kerala Dust LiVE

Sunday, May 19, 2019

  • Lola Villa (DC)

Flash Nightclub

      Resident Advisor  

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Kerala Dust

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Kerala Dust seeks to bridge that divide between electronic music and traditional songwriting, drawing on influences as far and wide as Tom Waits, Talking Heads and Abdulla Rashim. Currently based in South London, the strange and excessive confusion of the city is reflected back in the anonymity of Kerala Dust’s basement studio. Whether as a solo artist in production or as a live trio in performance: the members within the inclusive isolation of this project would like you to dance while also wondering if there’s really a point to anything. The realization that there is no point will merely be liberating.


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Lemurian is an artist of evolution. He receives messages from crystals, which make him acknowledge that it's not only about the present, but about how we can leave this Earth a better place for future generations. He uses music as a tool to open minds connecting people through feeling high frequencies of love, leaving everyone feeling inspired so that they can develop and advance in any undertaking of their lives. ​ Lemurian is part of the new movement called “Spiritual Electronic,” which promotes a responsible music environment. His performances are held as “ceremonies" for the spiritually awakened crowd mostly under the sun always consciously setting an intention. He uses organic sounds in his sets to make people feel grounded and never forget where we all came from. Lemurian’s music represents the sounds of ancient civilizations, by creating a fusion of icaros and ceremonial mantras with electronic music. His style is an amalgamation of ancestral frequencies with slow techno, Andes step, Latin rhythms and shamanic psychedelia.

Lola Villa