FOCUS: Vril [LiVE] - Cosmin TRG

Saturday, January 27, 2018

  • Vril ( Giegling | Berlin )
  • Cosmin TRG ( Fizic, 50 Weapons | Berlin )
  • Rush Plus ( RPDC | DC )

  • Green Room:
  • Philip Goyette ( Flash, ESL | DC )
  • Eli Cash ( Weelhous, Sous La Terre | DC )

  • Flash Bar: USB 1 Year Anniversary
  • Riffa ( OKNF Collective, Spira | NY )
  • Nick Flynn ( USB | DC )
  • Tim Glusko ( USB | DC )
  • Eddie Watson ( DC )
  • Alex Bulgs ( Synthesis | DC )

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Seemingly out of nothing, through dust and with no bang, Vril appeared on the scene. His music made such beautiful noise that it instantly found his place on Marcel Dettmann’s selection for his Conducted cd and on Ostgut’s release schedule. His sound is a search for the evergoing movement, exploring a never stopping energy. Once he catches you in his groove it will shine so bright you won’t be able to escape it.Tales of his live sets being heard at the Fusion Festival and the Berghain all sharethe same common feature that it was an as euphoric as energetic travel in sound. His recent release on Delsin records has been acclaimed and played everywhere, while his highly anticipated debut album “Torus” from 2014 contained some great surprises.

Cosmin TRG

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A singular voice, an idiosyncratic approach of Techno and a firm command of the dancefloor have turned Cosmin TRG into one of dance music's ubiquitous figures.Throughout a career spanning almost a decade, Berlin-based Romanian producer and DJ Cosmin Nicolae has released music with Hessle Audio, Hemlock, Running Back, Rush Hour, 50Weapons, building a diverse and iconoclastic catalog in the process.Cosmin TRG has started his own platform for artistic output in the shape of Fizic, an auteur-driven record label aiming at creating unique, high-quality audio-visual products of his own work.