Soul Clap's House of Efunk DC

Saturday, September 28, 2019


soul clap (soul clap records | boston)

Norm Talley & scott grooves AKA T.A.G. (Upstairs asylum, FXHE records | Detroit)

Ardalan (dirtybird | San francisco)

Antal (Rush Hour Records | Amsterdam)

DJ spen (Quantize recordings | Baltimore)

dj hologrphic (Detroit)

heide lawden (ESP Institute and Surround | LA, london)

life on planets (baltimore) Live

pHILCO (good buddies | DC)
samantha francesca (Sticky Fingers collective | DC)

trev-ski (modern class | DC)

sol power all stars (sol power sound | DC)

Digital dreamscapes by Natasha Tomchin  

Flash Nightclub

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Saturday, September 28th Flash gets a heaping spoonful of Soul Clap’s House Of EFUNK. This edition, hosted by Soul Clap, welcomes Detroit’s T.A.G. aka Scott Grooves x Norm Talley, San Franciscan Dirtybird talent Ardalan, Detroit rising star DJ Holographic, Flash resident Samantha Francesca, hometown hero Trev-Ski, and many more.

With so much more in our bag of tricks we announce a second wave of acts joining us in the mix!  From Rush Hour Records in Amsterdam its master selector DJ Antal, representing Baltimore is House legend and 1/3 Basement Boys DJ Spen and Crew Love LiVE act Life On Planets. Life long raver and tastemaker Heidi Lawden joins us from Los Angeles and DC hometown heroes Sol Power All-Stars bring their signature sound which has landed them a new release on Soul Clap Records out now! Then we get that extra hometown love from the likes of Philco and keeping with our efforts to elevate the senses with the addition of visual art courtesy of Natasha Tomchin’s Digital Dreamscapes.

This inaugural event in our nation's capital brings Soul Clap's spirit of positivity, freedom, equality and love in this time heavy of political non-dopeness. Bringing together musical pioneers as well as modern tastemakers into a potent soup called EFUNK, all three dance floors will be in effect for this total Flash nightclub take over.


The early years as children on earth, they were driven to understand the history of dance music and found their teacher in original boston disco DJ Caril Mitro who admitted them into the temple of Vinyl Connection (whose members included Dimitri From Paris and Frankie Knuckles plus many more). Caril taught Soul Clap that "house wears many hats" and instilled the sounds of American dance music while fostering an addiction to digging that has become a worldwide quest to acquire the best vinyl. Soul Clap´s training goes beyond history lessons to mastering all the elements of the DJ: knowledge, mixing, programming, performance and experience.

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Known as the Silent Warrior of the deep and funky sound of dance music, no one is as consistent as Norm Talley. A master of locking you in a groove, the Detroit born and raised Talley has plenty of tricks up his sleeve and offers up an authentic window into the past, present and future of the finest house and techno. He calls it, “great music that goes from Motown to Tech Town” and always plays it with real passion. 

As part of the West 6 Mile Detroit breed, Talley was born in the late 1960s and came of age during the last days of disco and spent his teen years revelling in the New Age that was the early 1980s. Soon after he finished studying at Cerveny Middle School then Cooley High School, he was an active member in the Detroit dance music movement and has roots in jazz, soul, funk and disco which make his DJ style one of deep house, with soulful and vocal melodies laced over infectious percussion, and those undeniable basslines, all with the occasional Afrobeat rhythm. Talley began generating this sound alongside many peers during this era not only by frequenting dance clubs, but also by frequenting local record shops, such as the favourite Buy Rite Records, Detroit Audio and Professionals in the neighbourhood. 

Famous for a deep, tracky style of DJing and production, Talley puts this down to only having a limited selection of gear available when he first started out. “You have to work with what you got,” he explains. “In my opinion, sometimes less is more. At times a track can have too many things going on when really the best part of the track was the raw elements without all the extras.” 

It is this approach that means his expertly reduced yet still mind-melting and hypotonic tracks take you deep into your own psyche and keep you there, mesmerised by a simple but seductive synth or cosmic sense of mood. More than 30 EPs since 1997 have come on a range of venerated labels from Landed to Sushitech, NDTAL to Third-Ear. Most recently he’s linked with Omar S’s FXHE and put out 2017’s spell binding debut album Norm-A-Lize, which explored a range of textures and flavours from soulful to disco, jazzy to tribal all underpinned by the sort of drums that lock you in for the duration.

His eclectic always outlook came directly from the one and only Ken Collier, a legendary Detroit selector who lived just a few blocks away and served as a mentor for the young Norm. At first he only had one deck, but was so consumed by making his friends dance till they sweat that he put in the extra graft required to a second, plus a mixer and tape deck. He went on to play high school parties, backyard get downs and in various rental halls from 1982 onwards and soon progressed to assembling a full set up and doing his own parties.

From there, Talley spun at a few of the most legendary dance clubs in Detroit, including The Loft. He was also skilled enough to open at the home of Detroit House Godfather Ken Collier, namely his club Heaven. Club 246, Club Taboo and Onstage in Motown also saw decks graced by the Silent Warrior during their hey-day and when radio began to kick in,  Norm influenced the airwaves in Detroit and Windsor on stations CJAM 91.5FM, WDTR 90.9FM, WJLB 97.9FM, WGPR 107.5FM, and WHPR 88.7FM over the course of 15 years. 

These days, as energetic and enthusiastic as he was back then, Talley likes to have fun in the booth but always keep people on their toes. He does so at the most illustrious venues in the world: Panorama Bar in Berlin, Germany, Fabric in London, Output in New York, and all of Detroit’s hottest spots regularly host his sets as do clubs in Italy, France, Spain, Montreal, Toronto, Paris and Switzerland. Of course, he remains as busy as every in the studio. A run of new releases are due on Suddwax, Landed, FXHE, Bass Culture, Mixmode and Detroit Wax, while he is also launching this own label Upstairs Asylum. Norm Talley, then, has the sort of heritage that means he makes deep and lasting connections no matter what he does because, the thing is, the Silent Warrior is more than just a DJ, he is a real maestro. 


Detroit based house & techno producer Scott Grooves scored a club classic hit with "Mothership Reconnection" in 1998. He has been working very independently since early 2000 releasing mostly on his own imprints Natural Midi, Modified Suede Recordings and From The Studio Of Scott Grooves. Used to play keyboards for Inner City.


Range, appeal and a massive dose of nasty, gritty bass are the three chief weapons every Dirtybird artist has in his quiver, but Ardalan seems to be the peak culmination of all those assets in one wieldy point. This young archer has had the incomprehensible luck to fall into crew with his idols, be reared by their best and given some of their most guarded musical secrets, then hoisted to a platform to blare his prodigious beats from places where most creators can only dream of being. Born in Tehran, Iran, Ardalan Noghre-Kar possesses a peculiar, fresh perspective on music genesis without even trying. His mixes, remixes and dubs are known for their sass, energy and wickedly wry samples that snap like a wet towel to the face, but his original tracks are where his efforts shine, like those released with Justin Martin-“Mr. Spock,” a 2010 party anthem charted by Diplo and Jesse Rose, and “Lezgo,” charted by Dog Blood (Skrillex and Boyz Noise)-and those soon-to-be-released on his own EP with Dirtybird. It’s no wonder he’s been given the nod by everyone from Papa Dirtybird himself (Claude Von Stroke) and A-Trak to those who are charting his remixes, like Maya Jane Coles, Audiojack, and Riva Starr, the last of whom he has an upcoming remix for to be released on Snatch. The greatest strength in Ardy’s music is his ability to whip out hits that work equally well from the dankest basements to the most opulent dancefloors; sounds that satisfy those with diverse tastes who can unite under his single agenda of having a good time.


As a DJ and ‘musicologist’, there are few more serious than Antal. Trying to sum up the musical world of the Rush Hour founder with a few loose signifiers like house or techno would be futile. 

Sure, everyone in the industry claims to have been music obsessives since youth, but few have taken it as far as this Dutchman. As a DJ who prefers proper tools like E&S or Rane rotary mixers and Dope Real isolators, since 1996 he has played all across Europe, Australia, Asia and both North and South America. Unlike many, though, he has a wealth and depth of music to call on that is so vast you never quite know what you are going to get: he is as comfortable spinning Chicago and Detroit influenced house as he is rare Afro funk, forgotten disco and everything in between. 

Of course, Antal also runs the mighty Rush Hour Records in Amsterdam with a close group of hard working people. It’s a vast empire that encompasses a reliable distribution wing, sub label Kindred Spirits as well as a much-loved record store chock full of vinyl bought during on-going crate digging trips around the world. The label, meanwhile, releases house and techno from the vanguard at the same time as re-issuing long forgotten classics that serve to educate whole new generations about what has gone before. You could say Antal himself serves the same purpose when DJing.


Music is in his blood.  His roots are in gospel music and his earliest musical memories are of his mother, aunts, and cousins singing in the family church choir while his brother and cousins played the instruments.   As he grew, his older brothers introduced him to funk, rock n roll, and soul. 

DJ Spen has been sharing his gift since he was 13 years old.  He was hired to DJ parties and events and paid to make mix tapes for local radio stations - all before he could even drive. Though his playlist has changed from hip hop and R&B to disco and house, his love of good music has never changed.  Sharing that love with others around the world through DJing and producing his music and that of others on his label, Quantize Recordings, is his joy.


DJ Holographic is a one-woman funk machine born and raised on Detroit Music. Her mission is to serve a mix of musical cuisine that contains consuming house beats, passionate R&B with Hip Hop, unreserved disco, true Detroit Techno, and Motown. Join her as she concocts her next rhythmic dish. Surrounded by members of the Detroit DJ community such as Underground Resistance, Detroit Techno Militia, Rocksteady Disco, DJ Minx, KDJ Records, and DJ Minx, she was inspired and her curiosity got the better of her.

She has appeared in the underground scene around Detroit at places such as Grenadier Club, Tangent Gallery, Grasshopper Underground, The Whiskey Parlor, Marble Bar, TV Lounge, The Works, Temple Bar, and more. She has played at festivals such as Movement, Charivari, San Francisco Pride, Red Bull Music Academy in New York, and opened for Black Madonna’s We Still Believe Tour in LA.

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Life On Planets is the story of a seeker: singer/guitarist Phill Celeste. Melding soul, R&B, and house in his original productions; the artist’s eclectic sound took him from the streets of Baltimore to cities the world over. Join Phill as he weaves live performance with electronics to spread messages of truth, love and consciousness across dance floors.


Since 2009, the Sol Power All-Stars (Marc Meistro and DJ Stylus) have been sharing their love of the sounds of the African diaspora with party-goers around the world. Their exhilarating sets effortlessly connect Cuban barrio beats to the beaches of Rio, the discos of Lagos, and the warehouses of Detroit and Chicago. The crew has held residencies in hometown Washington, DC at Dahlak, Eighteenth Street Lounge, and Tropicalia, and appeared at other world-class venues from Paris to Bogota to Brooklyn. Since 2012, the crew has been just as prolific in the studio. Their productions have appeared on taste-making labels including Soul Clap Records, Wonderwheel Recordings, Fabric Records, Bastard Jazz, G.A.M.M., Rocksteady Disco, Cultures of Soul, and Record Breakin’. The All-Stars have also provided official remixes for , Chicago Afrobeat Project (featuring Tony Allen), Nickodemus, Underground System, Cheick Hamala Diabate, See-I, Rocky Dawuni, and others. In 2015 the crew launched their own imprint, Sol Power Sound. The record label’s output reflects the global sounds of a Sol Power All-Stars’ DJ set – percussive anthems inspired by rhythms from around the globe. Sol Power Sound releases have earned the endorsement of the world’s top taste-making DJs including Soul Clap, Kerri Chandler, Atjazz, Karizma, Gilles Peterson, Jose Marquez, Nightmares on Wax, and Laurent Garnier.