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Sunday Love: Fred P [extended set] - Vivian Wang

Music in The Green Room by:

Fred P [extended set] (Black Jazz Consortium, Private Society | Berlin)

Vivian Wang (NY)




Doors 2:30PM
Flash Nightclub

Sunday, October 15, 2023
Doors 2:45 PM

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“Deep”, perhaps the word most associated with Fred P, and for once, an accurate portrayal. Eleven albums, innumerable releases and decades of Djing into his career, the New York-turned-Berlin resident continues to push further into his own sound. For those fortunate enough to be present for one of Fred's cathartic, physical and spiritual DJ sets, the dance floor is not just a place for enjoyment, but for potential.

2018 saw Fred P bring his acclaimed Soul People Music outlet to an end and embrace a new label, Perpetual Sound. Launching with a record from arguably his best-loved alias, Black Jazz Consortium, the label will be guided solely by his proven eye for emotion and evolution, anticipating new collaborations and styles.

“The 20th century was big on originality... The 21st century, so far, not too much”, he reflects. “That attitude in general, towards everything, pushes this singular ethos. The us or nothing bullshit. So what's standing in the way of the obvious stuff? What is the end goal? The end goal is to fully embrace our potential, and to remove the things that hold us back: Greed, envy and self-interest. To embrace a more humanitarian approach Not just for ourselves, but for our species.”
Fred P, then. Forever going deep.

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🎶 Music in the Green Room by:

Fred P [extended set] (Black Jazz Consortium, Private Society | Berlin)

Vivian Wang (NY)


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