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CONTACT: Nikki Nair - Saad Ashraf

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Nikki Nair (Warp Records, Pretty Weird Records | Atlanta)

Saad Ashraf

Doors 10:00PM
Flash Nightclub

Thursday, April 4, 2024
Doors 10PM

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Hailing from the southeastern U.S. producer and DJ Nikki Nair cut his teeth at co-throwing parties in Knoxville, Tennessee before making his debut as a producer in 2018. In a short time, he’s distinguished himself as a bold voice in the landscape of hybridized dance music.

Nair’s releases traverse genres, often fusing electro, leftfield techno, breaks and UK bass sentiments. His many EPs have found homes on cult labels like Gobstopper, Banoffee Pies, Pretty Weird, Scuffed, TRAM Planet and Muy Muy Ltd. Despite the essential grittiness of his sound, Nair’s commitment to craft is undeniable, with respected artists hyping his work, including tracks off his pivotal Scuzzy EP.

Nikki Nair’s technique as a DJ is just as impressive as his production ability. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Nair is an expert in cross-genre blending. His sets are somatic, textured and dynamic, braiding acidic electro, broken rhythms, ghettotech, jungle, experimental disco, and bass music with dexterous ease. These are sonic narratives pointed to move and mesmerize peak-time floors. Nair’s productions, in conjunction with his selection skills, establish him as a fresh, unconventional voice in dance music.

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Nikki Nair (Warp Records, Pretty Weird Records | Atlanta)


Saad Ashraf

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