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Event image for Dresden: Manfredas & Ivan Smagghe - Loop: Raffi & Jus Nowhere - Sensory: Shades of Play: Derek Tucker & Felipe Rivera

Dresden: Manfredas & Ivan Smagghe - Loop: Raffi & Jus Nowhere - Sensory: Shades of Play: Derek Tucker & Felipe Rivera

// Club Level: Dresden //

Manfredas & Ivan Smagghe



// Green Room: Loop //

Raffi & Jus Nowhere


// Flash Bar: Sensory: Shades of Play //

Derek Tucker & Felipe Rivera

Doors 10:00PM
Flash Nightclub

Friday, October 7, 2022
Doors 10PM

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Manfredas. The name packs a hefty punch. After years spent amassing knowledge as a radio DJ, he took his talents to the club, where he’s been convincing the unconvinced ever since. Manfredas’ ascent has been aided by musical cult leaders enthusiastically co-signing on his taste and talent. ‪Ivan Smagghe‬ championed his tracks on the LDDM label, aligning with his love of cold-wave-chug, electro-chug, and neo-trance-chug. Realizing which way the chug was blowing, Red Axes inducted him as the only non-Israeli in the Garzen crew, resonating with his uncanny sense of the bizarre and the beautiful.

Ivan Smagghe belongs to a "top class" of DJs that industry journalists like to refer to as "The DJ’s DJ": masters of the darkest and most refined selections, always stretched in a continuous attempt to push and break down barriers between styles and genres. Ivan possesses the ability to play as if there were materially a pipeline between his dark and renowned records and the bodies on the floor totally enveloped in strobe light, uninterruptedly transmitting something of himself to the listener. Many of Smagghe's record works have been released under his old label "Kill The DJ" and more recent works on his imprint "Les Disques De La Mort" which include a range of effects spanning techno, post punk, cold wave, italo disco, electro, krautrock and dreamy ambient.

Manfredas and Ivan are old friends cut from the same cloth. Together they decided to launch a night called “Dresden” - where they play long form sets b2b in clubs that they feel fit and appropriate to do so. Join us on Friday, October 7th as Manfredas & Ivan Smagghe take over our beloved Club Level.

// Club Level: Dresden //


Ivan Smagghe 





// Green Room: Loop // 


Raffi (Loop)



Jus Nowhere




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