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CONTACT: Konstantin Sibold

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Konstantin Sibold (Afterlife, Innervisions, Running Back | Stuttgart)

Sabeel Chohan

Doors 10:00PM
Flash Nightclub

Thursday, March 9th, 2023
Doors 10PM

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Whilst a student engineer, Konstantin Sibold became the youngest resident of legendary Stuttgart club, Rocker 33 and there, two years later, Konstantin and his close friend Leif Müller started their own event series, Common Sense People. The emphasis at these parties is on providing an intimate insight into one artist, with extended sets and focused programming the basis for all their events. Performances by DJ Koze, Roman Flügel and Levon Vincent have earned their parties a justifiable reputation across the German underground. This appreciation of truly narrative performance is pervasive, as Konstantin himself is becoming notorious for his expansive long sets. Appearances from Panorama Bar to Rex Club to Trouw have only cemented his status as an innovative DJ, able to imbue any night with a pulsating energy.

As a producer, Konstantin’s burgeoning reputation led to him being voted ‘Newcomer of the Year 2013' by the readers of Groove Magazine, ahead of other lauded acts from Recondite to Disclosure. In 2010 his debut vinyl “Neuland” was released on Salon Rosi Rec., receiving significant support from the Kompakt family. In 2011, his classic house release “Leif/Mariam” drew widespread acclaim, with tastemaker Move D acknowledging it to be one of his favorite tracks of that year.

Additional releases followed on Caramelo and Snork Enterprises, before “Madeleine” attracted the attention of Dixon and me. Its eventual release on Innervisions ultimately propelled Konstantin onto the world stage. Subsequent remix requests for renowned pop acts followed, including Lana Del Rey, Gus Gus and Röyksopp.

Today, Konstantin’s extensive back-catalog features releases on a series of prestigious labels, from Kompakt to DFA to Cocoon. Konstantin has repeatedly shown he pays little attention to genres and pigeon-holing. He moves fleet-footed between musical categories, with a characteristic confidence that his quintessential style will shine through, whatever the musical template. In the studio, just as in the DJ booth, Konstantin lives and breathes the idea that music is fluid and that setting constraints based on convention and expectation will only suffocate musical personality.

// Club Level //

Konstantin Sibold (Afterlife, Innervisions, Running Back | Stuttgart)


Sabeel Chohan


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