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Sunday Love: Trikk

Music In The Green Room By:

Trikk (Portgual)




Doors 0:00AM
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Sunday, August 20, 2023
Doors 2:45 PM

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An artist who everyone has got on their radar, Trikk’s musical identity is a formation of life and experience, bringing his unique persona to much acclamation.

Behind the name lies a humble (foremost) producer and DJ; someone who has made his mark through a careful selection of labels: Innervisions, Lossless and Optimo Music most prominently. Trikk’s reputation is one of an artist who pays acute attention to detail across every avenue - although this has resulted in a smaller production catalogue, it has gained mighty respect from fellow DJs and music lovers - dancefloors and beyond, all over.

Much like his multifaceted music, lies a multifaceted identity. Musically, his sound reflects a diverse background inspired by both music and upbringing. Crossing borders from Porto to Berlin via London - paired with his father’s Mozambican heritage - has formed plenty of experience through these different cultures. Throwing into the mix favourite bands being Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle, this has driven a multi-coloured identity; Trikk’s stamp on sound is almost hard to defy, and yet, seems all so recognisable across a wide breadth of dancefloors which embrace his presence.

Indeed, for those who have embraced his presence on the dancefloor, they are sure to agree that his motto subconsciously resonates with time being an illusion. Trikk is an effortless purveyor of the elongated build-up, bringing melodic vibrancy and intensity into the smallest of moments - often leaving the listener stopping in their tracks, until the peak strikes full force. Tension, and release: helping to capture all those wandering souls and moulding them together as one. Getting his start at LuxFrágil (Lisbon), later playing at Robert Johnson (Offenbach) and at Sónar/OFFSónar (Barcelona), Trikk has been fully educated with plenty of experiences which have shaped him as he stands today. Yet, his mentality that music unites us as one - and helps us to release - is the core mantra which inspires him to always aim to do better than his last endeavour: always delving into the finite detail and concentrating on improving even the smallest aspect. The dedication to his art form lies in how he takes himself out of the context and places his core perspectives on those opposite him.

Whilst logically speaking, complexity and simplicity are two states of motion which don’t stand together, Trikk breaks this barrier - blending boundaries to lands far and wide.

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🎶 Music in the Green Room by:

Trikk (Portugal)


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