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Enamour [Extended Set]

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Enamour [Extended Set]

Doors 10:00PM
Flash Nightclub

Friday, August 4, 2023
Doors 10PM

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Enamour has become a definitive name of the dance floor, creating masterful soundscapes with no boundary of range: his productions infuse dreamy melodies of deep house, the potent power of progressive house and the smoldering, alluring momentum of dark techno.

Enamour is Michael Gold, who was raised near Washington DC -- home to institutions of electronic music like Flash and U Street Music Hall as well as legendary acts like Sharam and Dubfire -- a city invariably considered a hidden heart of the genre in the United States. Long before he could enter a club, Gold found an early interest in music with the piano. A few years later, his fascination continued with guitar, then jazz, indie and later dance -- his passion for music unchanging, despite his evolving taste.

His musical intrigue did not go unnoticed, especially as he began DJing open format around DC. Self-taught and curious, an interest in learning how to edit songs together for friends took him down a rabbit hole experimenting with Reason and Ableton and soon, Enamour was born.

Enamour’s music has never been pigeonholed in any one genre -- with each new exploration as technical as the next -- a reflection of his eclectic musical upbringing and his foundation in music theory combined with the prowess of a seasoned producer. As a result his production touch is as intricate as it is effective and emotive, proven by his consistent ability to produce tracks that are equally enjoyed as listening experiences at home as they are pouring loudly through a club’s sound system.

Undeniably, Enamour has become a global presence while also doing his hometown proud as an outstanding mainstay on the legendary Yoshitoshi label, which also calls Washington DC home. Beyond, he’s also released on several of the genre’s most exciting labels including Last Night on Earth, Anjunadeep, Future Classic, Kindisch, Lane 8’s This Never Happened, Rufus Du Sol’s Rose Avenue, Desert Hearts Black, mau5trap and more.

Enamour has toured across India, Argentina and North America, playing at Burning Man as well as esteemed venues like The Brooklyn Mirage, Miami’s Treehouse, The Bow in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles’ Sound Nightclub and Washington DC’s own Flash and Echostage.

Today, Enamour’s world is limitless. His ability to effortlessly weave and maneuver across the vibrant spectrum of electronic music both in his original productions and dynamic sets has captivated enthusiastic dance floor movers -- enamoured them, if you will -- from all around the world. No boundaries ahead and with plenty of new releases incoming, Enamour only has further and farther to go from here.

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Enamour [Extended Set]


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