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Monkey Safari

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Monkey Safari (Good Vibes From Paradise | Germany)

Doors 10:00PM
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Saturday, August 31, 2024
Doors 10PM

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Hailing from Halle, the brothers Sven and Lars, better known as the dynamic DJ duo Monkey Safari, have been ingrained in the club culture and nightlife since their inception. Not just creators, they are also passionate curators of music. As owners of the legendary Charles Bronson club and initiators of labels like What!What! Records (since 2008) & Mambo (since 2011), they have served as key ambassadors of house and techno in Germany, their hometown. 

The pair embarked on their musical journey creating a unique blend of happy, silly, and fun sounds that echo their lively personalities. Their music, characterized by tropical flavors fused with an electric spark, is the perfect soundtrack for wild nights out, resonating through the dance floor and compelling everyone to move. Their style is a gleeful mix of diverse music genres and styles from across the globe - it can be soft and melodic, sometimes deep and thoughtful, or even raw and dirty, but it always exudes a joyous vibe.

Their DJ sets, characterized by their innovative approach and energetic performances, started gaining more recognition. Standout shows at Time Warp and Awakenings Festival, coupled with a heavy touring schedule at globally renowned clubs and festivals, kept pushing their momentum. It was during these tours that the duo produced their album ‘Odyssey’, an embodiment of the type of tracks they were playing on the road rather than a simple listening album.

From their beginnings as nightlife addicts in Halle to their current status as renowned DJ's, Monkey Safari continues to send sunny vibes to make even the darkest dance floors smile. They maintain a steady course, riding a high wave that is infectious. Be warned, this is indeed some serious monkey business!

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Monkey Safari (Good Vibes From Paradise | Germany)



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