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Mari.te - Penelope

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Mari.te (tresydos | Barcelona)

Penelope (oDYSea | Lisbon)

Doors 10:00PM
Flash Nightclub

Saturday, January 6, 2024
Doors 10PM

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Caracas-born DJ and Tresydos label boss Mari.te is an ever growing presence in the international music panorama. Since moving to Spain in 2018, the year she launched her record label and event series Tresydos, her talent and recognition for elegantly blending a full spectrum of house-infused underground dancefloor music has nothing but grown.

After living in New York, where she fostered a close, collaborative relationship with the Resolute crew, Mari.te moved to Madrid and kick-started Tresydos, the output for her musical vision and a platform aimed at collaboration with a broad spectrum of talents. Releasing music by friends and artists she admires on both vinyl and digital formats, Tresydos is the reflection of Mari.te’s dedication, discipline, and genuine love for dance music.

Mari.te’s reputation attracted the attention of the most noticeable venues and promoters worldwide in recent years, impacting every city she visits with her humble and charismatic presence and an excitingly danceable, often light-hearted, consistently careful curation of records.

A passionate traveler and selector, the French-born dj has slowly grown her presence in the underground music panorama over the past few years. Always with a thirst for new horizons to fuel her creativity, she moved to Berlin in 2015 where she spent some years refining her taste around the deep and dub-influenced sound that she loves. Now Lisbon based, Penelope’s sound is a unique expression of her broad sonic tastes that range from house to techno and all electronic experimentation in between. Always making sure to keep warm basslines in her flow, she delivers a classy rollercoaster of emotive selections traveling through genres and decades in her sets.

Founder of the oDYSea parties in Lisbon, she is now a familiar face of the Portuguese scene as well as in European clubs and festivals. Alongside collecting records, she’s also made her steps in the studio having her release debut on a V.A of Spanish label Tresydos and has recently released on Belgium Basic Move’s new sublabel For Playful Manners.

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Mari.te (tresydos | Barcelona)



Penelope (oDYSea | Lisbon)




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