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Louie Vega

// Club Level //

Louie Vega (Vega Records | NY)


// Flash Bar: Modern Class //

Graham Hatke



Doors 10:00PM
Flash Nightclub

Friday, November 3, 2023
Doors 10PM

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Louie Vega, a leader in global dance music, has crafted an illustrious career spanning multiple genres, from house and salsa to jazz and hip hop. His Grammy-winning talent and knack for evolving with the times make him a standout in the world of house music. Despite his "Little" Louie Vega nickname, he was a DJ sensation by the 80s, performing at iconic New York City clubs. Vega's career soared when he joined Atlantic Records in 1991, producing hits like "Ride on the Rhythm" with Marc Anthony. His refusal to be confined to one style led to the formation of the acclaimed production team Masters at Work, and they worked with legendary artists across various genres. Vega also became a record label owner with Vega Records, housing a diverse roster of talent. His influence extended to radio, hosting shows in New York and around the world.

Breaking down musical barriers and bringing people together through a love of music has always been Vega’s aim; after more than 20 years in the game his contributions continue to positively influence global dance music. Listen closely as the best has yet to come from Louie Vega!

// Club Level //

Louie Vega (Vega Records | NY)


// Green Room //

Geena Marie

Diyanna Monet



// Flash Bar: Modern Class //

Graham Hatke



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