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CONTACT: Partiboi69 - Jacq Jill

Partiboi69 (Mutual Pleasure | Melbourne)

Jacq Jill

Doors 10:00PM
Flash Nightclub

Thursday, May 19, 2022
Doors 10PM
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Partiboi69 is a force to be reckoned with. His one of a kind mixing style combined with an unrivaled stage presence allows the Australian DJ and Producer to provide a body-shaking adrenaline rush. From becoming an internet sensation through his youtube videos to his distinguished music productions, he always keeps it 69. Join us for the Flash debut of Partiboi69 at CONTACT, Thursday, May 19th.

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Partiboi69 (Mutual Pleasure | Melbourne)

Jacq Jill




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Spiritual leader, Icon, Prophet – that's for others to say. Partiboi69's only objective is to spread digital love and deliver lethal 69 techniques live and direct to your senses.

Described on the Internet as a “symbol of mutual love and mystery of the Australian underground,” Partiboi69 is as advertised, without compromise. CEO of Mutual Pleasure record and Stingboi Productions, Partiboi69 fuses cutting edge, computer animated graphics with the sounds of Electro Dank, Ghetto Freak and K-Tech, to create a portal into his complex mind; A place where comfort and style are paramount, no stimulant is safe, and enjoyment is always mutual. The most explicit samplings of this are “Freaky Dreamz”, “Magnificent” and “Freaking You Out”, as well as his technologically-advanced live mix broadcasts, as visually pleasurable as they are aurally – much like 69ing.