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Youandewan - Liquid Earth

// Club Level //

Youandewan (Small Hours | Berlin)

Liquid Earth (Squid Recordings | Barcelona)


// Green Room [open-to-close] //

Suze Ijó (Dekmantel | Rotterdam)


// Flash Bar //


not yr gf

Psy-Fi Yé

Doors 10:00PM
Flash Nightclub

Friday, March 22, 2024
Doors 10PM

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Berlin-based DJ/producer Youandewan can craft dancefloor fillers just as easily as he can produce deep introspective cuts. Born Ewan Smith, he spent his early life in the U.K., where he learned the ropes of DJ'ing and producing. His debut EP, Scarlett, emerged in 2006 through Moma Recordings, and displayed a dancefloor oriented style, an approach that prevailed on the EPs that followed. However, he eventually left the U.K. -- and a long-term relationship -- to move to Berlin. It was in the German culture capital that Smith wrote and recorded his debut album, There Is No Right Time, which reflected the chillier and far more nuanced tone that he had been developing since relocating. The album appeared on Will Saul's Aus Music label.

The singular brand of house music that Taylor Freels produces as Liquid Earth is uniquely transatlantic, infusing the rhythmic sensibilities of London and Berlin with the sun-soaked serenity of his native California. Part '80s sleaze, part '90s deepness, part '00s wiggle, Freels makes dance music cocktails that pop like a twist of lime hitting seltzer. Melodic, crisp, and always refreshing, each track by the California-native is singularly recognizable as he refashions vintage sounds for the clubs of tomorrow.

With a seemingly endless trove of creativity and energy congealing behind the Liquid Earth project, Freels is poised to continue his take over of club land's headiest and spaciest dance floors.

Suze Ijó is a house DJ. She works in the lineage of that word not just as a name for a genre of dance music, but a mood, a way of moving, an ethic and cultivation of spirit. Ijó grew up in Rotterdam, Europe's largest seaport, and was surrounded by hip-hop, Caribbean music and Eurodance - products of cultural import and synthesis from the house sounds of Chicago and New York.

Despite the busy schedule, her club sets reflect an intention and focus granted to each individual space and evening - again, this is "house" as a feeling, not necessarily a musical structure of BPM-range. Ijó almost always brings incense to her gigs, wrapping the space in a sensual vividnes: her take on the club night is not just a series of DJs showcasing tracks or finesse, but a collective bodily and spiritual event crafted by all those involved, from the bar staff to the crowd to the lighting to the soundsystem. Likely one won't have to wait too long before Ijó plays in a club nearby, but luckily, one gets a sense of this even in her numerous radio shows, with broadcasts on NTS, The Lot Radio, and the Dekmantel Podcast series.


// Club Level //

Youandewan (Small Hours | Berlin)


Liquid Earth (Squid Recordings | Barcelona)



// Green Room [open-to-close] //

Suze Ijó (Dekmantel | Rotterdam)



// Flash Bar //


not yr gf

Psy-Fi Yé


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