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Nicola Cruz

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Nicola Cruz

Doors 10:00PM
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Friday, September Friday, September 13, 2024
Doors 10PM

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Nicola Cruz is an electronic music explorer, with a genuine passion for music selection and an eclectic approach to his craft. Born in France and raised in Ecuador, his journey in music reflects deep appreciation for diverse cultures and sounds, specially rooted in Latin America. From analog synthesizers to field recordings, Cruz utilizes a wide range of tools to sculpt his sound, constantly pushing himself to discover new sonic textures and possibilities. Beyond his solo work, Cruz is also known for his collaborations with musicians from diverse backgrounds, further enriching his sonic landscape. Cruz began djing in 2005, as a resident in Quito's main club 'Blues', melting pot for what will be the capital's prompt of the uprising electronic music scene. Coming from a city where there was no fixed direction or horizon for this music, all that has transcended has been through a slow process of hearing, learning, interpreting and translating these roots of electronic music onto his own language.Each set invites the listeners on a transcendent journey through the limitless possibilities of sound. This summer he is playing exciting dance floors in festivals and clubs such as Glastonbury, BBK, Bassiani, Blitz, La Cabane Amongst others, having played before in festivals like Sonar, Primavera Sound, Wonderfruit, and clubs like Berghain, Vent, Savage, and Mago.

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Nicola Cruz


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