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Anthony Rother (Hybrid Electro) - Curses

// Club Level //

Anthony Rother (Hybrid Electro)

Curses (Dischi Autunno, Ombra INTL | Berlin)

Sneakers In The Dryer


// Green Room: District Inferno //

Jon Charles

Parker Mills


// Flash Bar: Modern Class //

Sean Lovelace



Doors 10:00PM
Flash Nightclub

Friday, May 5, 2023
Doors 10PM

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Anthony Rother was described as an influential visionary, an electro pioneer and one of electronic music’s most prolific producers. For more than two decades Rother aggregated a vast musical canon that reflects his unique career as a sound researcher exploring the aesthetics far beyond the boundaries of electro, techno and pop music.

Berlin-based Curses brings a romantic edge to the dance floor, blending 80's New Wave, the darker side of Italo-Disco and flashes of EBM with his own ghostly vocals.
The debut album from Curses, 'Romantic Fiction' dropped on Jennifer Cardini's Dischi Autunno imprint in October 2018, launching his live act which brings the guitars, vocals and energy of the album to stage as a duo. Whether it's DJng in the main room at Circoloco DC-10, or performing live at festivals like, Nuits Sonores, Curses brings punk and new wave energy to all dance floors of any size.

Curses has also released on labels such as Permanent Vacation, Bordello A Parigi, Oráculo Records, and Wrong Era, and curated a double- LP vinyl compilation (NEXT WAVE ACID PUNX) Via Belgian powerhouse, N.E.W.S, showcasing a passion for New Beat, Early EBM, Post-punk and obscure Italo which gained critical acclaim worldwide. The 2nd album, 'Incarnadine' returned to Dischi Autunno in April, 2022, with a special edition vinyl in collaboration with Parisian Fashion brand, Saint Laurent.
Curses continues to bring a romantic and punk energy to the club, threading the ethereal nostalgia of the 80s and 90s into the future of now.

// Club Level //

Anthony Rother (Hybrid Electro)

Curses (Dischi Autunno, Ombra INTL | Berlin)


Sneakers In The Dryer


// Green Room: District Inferno //

Jon Charles

Parker Mills (Give n' Groove | Supernova | SEA)


// Flash Bar: Modern Class //

Sean Lovelace (Body Talk/RVA)

Trev-Ski (Modern Class/DC)

Haz (Modern Class/DC)


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