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Doors 10:00PM
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Thursday, November 30, 2023
Doors 10PM

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Meagan Rodriguez is QRTR, a Brooklyn-based musician, DJ, and film composer flourishing within modern electronic music, recognized as one of New York's top rising indie artists. Building music of conceptual depth, the tonality of QRTR's productions pull from various ethos: the entrancing and pulsating waves of house rhythms, psychedelic scopes of space and layering, and immersive worlds of sound that utilize her vast film and field recording library. QRTR can activate the biggest of stages and can also immerse the mind into a menagerie of unfolding styles cascading over one another. A singular artist in this generation that has released two monumental works within a 24-month window: 2020's Drenched and 2021's infina ad nausea. The live resume and presentation of QRTR's music has become just as exemplary, making her presence known at prestigious festivals such as Coachella, HARD Summer, Electric Zoo, and Electric Forest, completing a full sold out tour opening for Luttrell, and performing at some of the most cutting edge underground shows around the globe. Most notable was her appearance at A2B2's sold out Night of Fire festival at the Knockdown Center in New York, featuring QRTR alongside Arca, Eartheater, Andy Morin, Machinegirl, and Kero Kero Bonito. Millions of plays across streaming platforms worldwide and a dedicated fan base that's expanded far outside of Brooklyn, QRTR has become an undeniable force within modern electronic music.

The origins of QRTR's love for modern electronic music coupled with sounds from the past is a culmination of the family she was raised by and the dance music communities she first had access to. Her mother is from Madeira, a Portuguese island off the coast of Morocco, and her father is from Puerto Rico, giving a distinctly unique lens on incoming sounds from the house she was raised in. Growing up in Massachusetts, she would get her first access to making music with a vital gift from her dad: a Sony computer with DAW Acid Pro installed. Wild excursions into any sound obtainable, these stepping stones led to Garageband and then Ableton with a Pioneer controller. It wasn't until she moved to New York for film school at NYU that she was able to really harness the full scope of the QRTR sound that we know of today. One that DJ Mag's Ben Murphy describes as "tapping into everything from deep house to mystical IDM atmospheres, touches of UK garage, full-pelt jungle and psychotropic techno." Intensive hours sound designing and editing video gave her not only a cinematic view point to how sound is constructed but it also gave her access to a vast and unique library of sample sources. Beyond the techniques and skills acquired through NYU, being in New York allowed QRTR to interweave herself into the nightlife of the city and expand on the ethos she was formulating with vision and sketches sonically. These experiences had a huge impact on her as an artist. Across both Drenched and infina ad nausea, the bookend worlds of 21st century NY club nights and modern experimental film composer culture are glued all over the low end, overtones, and midsections. This unique dynamic is an integral aspect of what her artistry represents as a whole.

Over the last three years, QRTR has shown the world what artistic merit and unfiltered vision can do in the realm of the dance community and beyond. Euphoric DJ experiences and mind opening listening experiences have taken her music to beautiful heights and she's only just found her footing. Global awareness has recently allowed her catalog to expand outside of music's DSP and physical pressing market, with soundtrack work now included in Hulu's new exclusive film from Searchlight Pictures, Fire Island. From the biggest of platforms to the smallest, the core values rest in the positive connections the music makes with the listeners while tapping into some of the deepest spaces of life. "The further I push the boundaries of this project, the closer I feel to reaching what I know is an impossibly difficult objective: making sense of pain. The world feels heavier than ever, and I can't think of anything more beautiful than working toward giving people some kind of joy. Whether that means through dance, emotional catharsis, or the act of making love to music that resonates with you — it has the potential to create meaning in a time when a lot of things feel meaningless. To make a living doing this is a dream come true."

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Lady Lavender


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