Oshana - Marc Schneider

Saturday, December 28, 2019

  • oshana (partisan | NYC)
  • marc schneider (Story | berlin) 

  • green Room:
  • bill brewster (low life | london)
  • joe liehr 

  • FLASH BAR: Groove Syndicate
  • neko berg
  • danny house 
  • sanmi 

Flash Nightclub


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Saturday, December 28th 

Bar opens 8PM • Green Room 9PM •  Club 10PM.

Advance Tickets on sale Friday November 29th at noon

Tickets: eventlink.to/oshanamarcflash

One of the underground’s top leading ladies, New York- raised Oshana, has developed an unparalleled identity in today’s underground scene. As a major contributor to Anthea’s Partisan imprint and one of Yoyaku’s top ladies, Oshana holds summer residency at Partisan at the infamous Club Der Visionaere in Berlin. We welcome her as she joins us in the Club Room Saturday, December 28th alongside longtime Word and Sound music distribution gatekeeper and Hamburg native Marc Schneider as we properly close out the last Saturday of 2019.


A relentless pursuit of instinctive rhythm has allowed Oshana to form an unparalleled identity in today’s underground scene.

Earning recognition from her releases, Berlin-based Oshana has carved out a unique niche for herself as one of the main contenders in the growing minimal-house movement. Drawing inspiration from her Midwest roots, her productions are heavily influenced by the raw sounds of late 90s, US-bred house and techno. The result is a style that’s both fresh and mature, distinguished by its solid, stripped-back percussion and warm, melodic synths.

Since her debut in 2012, Oshana’s stacked up a number of superior accolades. She was named one of Trommel’s 12 artists to follow in 2018 as well as one of the underground’s top 10 leading ladies by Pulse Radio. In addition, she earned a coveted position on Raresh’s Fabric 78 compilation while also garnishing the support of several key players for her numerous chart-topping EP’s. Aside from signing her music to BodyParts, Rue De Plaisance, and Brouqade, Oshana most recently solidified herself as Yoyaku’s leading lady while also contributing to the growth of Anthea’s Partisan imprint.

This connection has proven to be significant for Oshana – holding down summer residencies for Partisan at the infamous Club Der Visionaere in Berlin, while also keeping an active touring schedule - boasting dates around the world at Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, Fuse Club in Belgium, Concrete and Rex Club in Paris, Goa in Rome, Output in NYC, and festivals like ADE in Amsterdam, Sonar in Barcelona, and Epizode in Vietnam. 


There are DJs, and then there are “DJ’s DJs”—the influential jocks who break tunes, unearth obscure must-haves, spark off new trends, and breathe new life into the artform at every opportunity. Marc Schneider has been the embodiment of the latter for over two decades. The Hamburg native began amassing his personal collection of DJ weapons amid the heyday of ‘90s German raves, with his early appearances feeding the folklore of legendary parties such as Love Parade and the original Tresor club.

As the longtime gatekeeper for music distributor Word and Sound, he has overseen virtually every worthwhile piece of vinyl to enter the country. He continues to apply his tastemaker status and veteran knowledge in the DJ booth through regular invitations to Panorama Bar (Berlin), Fabric (London), Eleven (Tokyo), Rex Club (Paris), The Bunker (NYC), Bassani (Tbisili), Smart Bar (Chicago), Culture Box (Copenhagen), Watergate (Berlin), Electric Pickle (Miami). That’s not to mention his long-running affiliation with Hamburg’s PAL and the Golden Pudel Club, as well as the infamous annual event Fusion Festival.

With his sporadic yet highly-valued releases and remixes for labels like Circus Company, Silver Network, New Kanada and Word and Sound’s in-house imprint Was Not Was, Marc has endeared himself to record-buying heads over a number of years. Similarly, it was little surprise for those in the know to learn that Marc had been secretly at the helm of the formerly anonymous cult label Story, the unassuming vinyl-only imprint of quality deep cuts that has boasted the likes of Anton Zap, Cottam and XDB on its roster since 2008. 

Technique can be refined, and skill can be learned, but impeccable taste is rare and elusive. That’s why Marc Schneider is your favouíte DJ’s favourite DJ.