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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Anastasia Kristensen (Ved Siden Af & Culture Box | Copenhagen)

Doors 10:00 PM
Flash Nightclub


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Thursday, December 12, 2021

Club 10PM

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Copenhagen’s techno scene has entered discussions on a global stage in recent years. It can be credited to a few key names in the industry. One of the most recognized names surely being Anastasia Kristensen. The Danish DJ and Producer has established herself as an omnipresent force in the world of techno thanks to her staggering DJ skills. Her infectious sets are brought by faster tempos and experimental textures that make it unquestionable who is behind the decks. The interse atmosphere is brought to life by tough rhythms accompanied by nuance and groove that make the overall impression all the more compelling. Join us in welcoming Anastasia Kristensen for her Flash debut. 


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Anastasia Kristensen (Ved Siden Af & Culture Box | Copenhagen)







Anastasia Kristensen:


If you had to melt down the appeal of Anastasia Kristensen to just two words, it could well be ‘energy flash’. There are a few reasons it’s a snug fit: for a start, the immediate associations are smoke and strobes, lasers and lights, big-league rave bliss and barely-marshalled sonic chaos; that is to say, maximum fun from a dancefloor perspective, something Kristensen keenly channels as a DJ. The character she exudes as a person, and not just a playlist-for-hire, mirrors it too: a whirlwind in the booth, it’s rare not to see her wide grin glinting through a motion blur of fader tricks, sashaying and vigorous air drumming.

There’s also the perfection of imperfection in a flash of energy, a sense of freedom in the face of stultifying codes and norms. Kristensen embodies this, giving the best show of herself in any given point of time without being performative or buttoned-up. It makes for a refreshingly authentic and human to her burgeoning career in music, a gift that makes curious onlookers instant fans. You watch her going for it with unguarded emotion and gregarious expression, punching in the drums, chopping the faders, unleashing bangers, seizing the moment with a grin, and you think: That could be me up there.

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