Vril - Ateq - Edo

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Vril (giegling | hannover)



Green Room BAR: 

Serigo Santos (fiakun, get physical | la)


FLASH BAR: modern class

graham hatke 



Flash Nightclub


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On the 1st of February we welcome Giegling artists Vril and ATEQ to the District from their residence in Germany. Hannover’s Vril popped up in the scene, seemingly out of nowhere, just less than a decade ago. His blend of beautiful sounds and great energy, found listeners falling in love with the journey through his sets. Berlin’s Florian Lepa known by his DJ name ATEQ, grew up surrounded by electronic music. After beginning to DJ at just 15 years old, ATEQ has now played in major establishments across the globe. We welcome him alongside Vril for his Washington DC debut and a Saturday night of Giegling.  


Seemingly out of nothing, through dust and with no bang, Vril appeared on the scene. His music made such beautiful noise that it instantly found his place on Marcel Dettmann’s selection for his Conducted cd and on Ostgut’s release schedule. His sound is a search for the evergoing movement, exploring a never stopping energy. Once he catches you in his groove it will shine so bright you won’t be able to escape it.

Tales of his live sets being heard at the Fusion Festival and the Berghain all share the same common feature that it was an as euphoric as energetic travel in sound. His recent release on Delsin records has been acclaimed and played everywhere, while his highly anticipated debut album “Torus” from 2014 contained some great surprises.


The musical project ATEQ (Florian Lepa) is marked by recurring gentle waves of electronic loops seamlessly integrated into each other while crawling toward its climax. Being one of the old-timers of the Weimar-founded Giegling label, both of his 12” and further V/A contributions were released on the collective’s imprint. All of which demonstrate ATEQ’s sound with stunningly deep and powerful motives while keeping a melancholic essence. Various collaborative efforts have manifested ATEQ’s skill in stepping between house and techno within minimalistic soundscapes. Furthermore,a recent live show together with Samuel Rohrer’s percussion virtuosity has explored the realms of avant-garde jazz & ambient. It is to no surprise that ATEQ has valued to maintain strong bonds and while touring globally with his DJ and Live performance, he has also developed a residence and close alliance with Tbilisi’s Bassiani. One may say ATEQ’s profound foundation has been created; it is however yet to unfold where this journey will lead