FOCUS: Luke Slater - Arthur Kimskii

Friday, February 7, 2020

Luke Slater (mote-evolver, ostgit ton | uk)

arthur kimskIi (sprüdel, monday off| dc)

damon bradley (technofist | DC)

Green Room: nightflight: nikita's life celebration

team zapata

Flash Bar: sous la terre



Saad Ashraf 



Flash Nightclub


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Being quoted as one of techno's most consistent and respected practitioners, Luke Slater also known by his alias names Planetary Assault Systems and L.B. Dub Corp, touches down in DC for a special debut set on the Flash Club Level Friday, February 7th. Venturing from the UK with over 20 years of experience and bringing all the heat for the first FOCUS night of the New Year, we are excited to host this night. 


Luke Slater is one of techno’s most chameleonic enigmas -- shifting through the variants of the genre and staying fresh throughout his expansive career of over 25 years -- and he’s only just getting started. Between releasing a bevy of music under his L.B. Dub Corp and Planetary Assault Systems projects for the likes of Ostgut Ton, Stroboscopic Artefacts and his own Mote-Evolver imprint in the last few years, Slater has channeled new energies with projects such as LSD (a collaboration between Dave Sumner [Function], Steve Bicknell and himself), a re-release of the classic X-Tront Vol. 2 LP on Peacefrog and new compilation releases forthcoming on A-Ton under The 7th Plain moniker; and that’s just for the rest of 2018 -- unless you see him on the dancefloor. 

The last couple of years have proven to be one of Slater’s more extensive in terms of touring -- as well as his residency at Berghain, he’s also blessed the decks of Panorama Bar, De School, Kompass, Loft, Tobacco Docks, MMA, Printworks and Le Zoo to name a few. Having double-downed the Dutch forest settings of Dekmantel and Draaimolen and firing up festival crowds at Junction 2, 4Every1 Festival, Audioriver, Neopop, Loveland, Babylon, Nature Beat, Flow, Goa, Sea Star, Dockyard and Astropolis the past two summers, the rest of 2018 will bring his indelible sounds to the likes of ADE, Awakenings, Rex Club, Berghain and Fabric. 

For what’s beyond that -- with Luke,  there’s not much time to rest -- only time to create and innovate. Techno is ever-changing, and Slater is at the forefront, stronger than ever; providing euphoric clarity within an ever-changing sonic climate.


2019 was a fruitful year for Arthur Kimskii. In May he launched the  Bi_Monthly  Sprüdel in his hometown of Washington D.C. hosting out of town guests such as Vincent Neumann, Young Male, Motiv-A, Andi (Synthicide), and Heidi Sabertooth along with some of the best dj’s and producers locally; such as Rush Plus, Juana, and Tommy Cornelis, Forthcoming dates include a direct support gig for Nina Kraviz (U St. Music Hall) Oct 24th and Sprüdel (Nov 2nd) along with label mate Jamaica Suk.

Prior to returning to the U.S. in December 2016 Kimskii spent 3 years in Berlin where he played storied venues such as About Blank, Griessmuehle, Ohm, Tresor, and Chalet and pushed forward his imprint L.A.G. releasing music from Artists such as Jon Hester, Jeff Derringer, Jamaica Suk, DJ Richard, Hinode, as well as himself. Berlin is also where both his Production and DJ skills were pushed further. He also worked at the legendary Record Loft.

From 2002 to 2013 Kimskii resided in NYC where after taking a hiatus from dj’ing he returned to the art form in 2009. He was involved with various events such as Tar & Feathered and was in a duo along with Cory James as Point Break. In 2012 L.A.G. was launched out of Brooklyn with Point Break’s Sidewalks E.P. 

Since returning to the U.S. and landing back in D.C. Kimskii has played with the Sequence Crew (D.C.) several times, The ROAM crew (NYE)

 New York , Baltimore, Miami, Grand Rapids, Michigan and has an E.P. and another track on a V.A. released on Many Yuzovskaya’s Monday Off.

Forthcoming releases include tracks contributed to Jamaica Suk’s Gradient Sound , Sophia Saze’s Dusk & Haze in February as well as Mysteries of the Deep. 


It is Flash’s mission to maintain a safe space where we all feel at home. We ask our attendees to please stay compliant with our rules and keep Flash’s space free from of the following:

⠶ No violence

⠶ No non-consensual behavior

⠶ No racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism or other discriminatory behaviors

⠶ No leering

⠶ No harassment of any kind

⠶ No phones or photos… for the sake of the vibe!

If you or a friend feels uncomfortable at any point, please do not hesitate to let a Flash team member know. Our staff, i.e. bartenders, security guards, managers, sound staff and door staff are here to help! ♥