[Postponed] Sunday Love Season Opener: Unders - Armen Miran

Sunday, March 15, 2020

unders (netherlands)
armen miran (LA)

lola villa

gradient descent 


WELLNESS SESSION [3pm] : sound healing w/ dante & carmella 

love bazaar [6pm-9pm]: local vendor marketplace

Flash Nightclub


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Wellness Session 3PM  • Green Room 4PM • Love Bazaar 6PM-9PM

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Dear Sunday Lovers!

Spring is upon us and the time has finally come - we are ecstatic to announce the return of our weekly Rooftop party, Sunday Love. This year’s Season Opener kicks off on Sunday, March 15th as we welcome the lighthearted and melodic tunes of Netherland’s Unders. A passionate ambassador of the global dance community, Unders has releases on labels such as Katermukke, SolSelectas, Sincopat and Underyourskin. He has let loose through his sets on long and ongoing list of club and festival stages that include Robot Heart at Burning Man, Fusion Festival in Germany, Awakenings in Amsterdam, Woomoon in Ibiza and a residency at Afrika Burn & Katerblau to name a few. He headlines the Rooftop this Season opener on March 15th, and is joined by the face of Armenia’s underground, Armin Miran.

Armen began his journey in Armenia producing electronic ambient and dark techno sounds. He landed his first gig at the city’s underground venue Calument, leaving the crowd speechless with his Ambient/Armenian electronic folk and deep house tunes. Shortly after, he was offered residency at Calument.  

Our Sunday Love events begin with a Wellness Session at 3PM and additionally feature an amazing local Vendor Marketplace, called our Love Bazaar, held from 5-8pm. Rooftop music starts at 4pm!. Season tickets and Season Opener tickets on sale now! Spread the word and spread the love, this season is going to be special!

🎵 Music By:

Unders (Happy Camper Records, Sol Selectas | Netherlands)



Armen Miran (LA)



Lola Villa (Conflux Connect | DC)



Gradient Descent




✨ 3PM Wellness Session: Sound healing w/ Dante & Carmella

💎 6PM - 9PM Love Bazaar: Vendor Marketplace


With a slick touch that drives an original house music sound, Unders brings a level of musicality to the global dance scene which sounds like love, taste like plum schnapps, look like geometric clouds and is shaped like dreams. This sublime combination of elements has made Unders synonymous with quality and groove since his beginning, while the man behind the music is equally known as a passionate ambassador of the global dance community.

(continue reading on residentadvisor.net/dj/unders/biography)


Armen Miran's love and passion for electronic music genres started at a very young age; spending the majority of his time at underground music scenes. His biggest influences include - Pink Floyd, Klaus Schuze, Pete Namlook, Depeche Mode and Eloy to name a few.

In 2006, Armen began his journey producing electronic ambient and dark techno sounds. Fast forward to 6 years later, he was booked for his very first gig at Armenia's well known underground venue called Calument, where he left the crowd speechless with his ambient/Armenian electronic folk and deep house tunes.

It wasn't long before Armen Miran became the name and face of Armenia's underground music scene. Recently, Armen Miran decided to call LA his home.

(continue reading on musicofarmenia.com/armenmiran)


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