[Postponed] Andrey Pushkarev - S.A.M.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Andrey pushkarev (Luck of Access | Russia)

s.a.m. (Delaphine | Denmark)

FLASH BAR: cadence

seany Ranks



Flash Nightclub



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Russian DJ/producer Andrey Pushkarev has made his mark with his established signature sound of deep, driving, vinyl records after 20 years behind the decks. He is renowned for his large record collection and is often closely associated with the Yoyaku family, tINI, Dana Ruh, Cab Drivers, Roger Gerressen, Janeret, Gorje Hewek and Izhevski among others. His experience and talent behind the decks creates a room-filling aura that is just as powerful as his record selection. Andrey Pushkarev heads back to Flash on Friday, March 20th.

He is joined by one third of the Mandar trio, and Delaphine, Dahlia, and Oscillat Music label manager, S.A.M. who puts some heat into the night. He has landed international gigs at Fabric, Robert Johnson, Sankeys, and Rex Club, always intensifying his act on stage and remaining as one of the most productive players in today’s scene.  We invite you to join us for this smashing Friday night on the Club Level March 20th.  Come early, stay late.

Club Level:

Andrey Pushkarev (Luck of Access | Russia) 



S.A.M. (Delaphine | Denmark)



Flash Bar: Cadence

Seany Ranks 




Slant (2 Tuff | DC)



Andrey Pushkarev continues to move floors with a combination of profound musical knowledge, unique professionalism, and a meticulously gathered vinyl collection. His exquisite taste, sharp technique at the decks, and the subtle charm of his mixes encourages a reflective, ruminative headspace; a sound which focuses on creating moods, all the while emphasizing the human aspect of music. His placid and uncompromising attitude at the decks masks an unquestioning exploration of the power of spatiality in which every track is given breathing room, and accordingly, takes on a sense of the organic.

(Continue reading on residentadvisor.net/dj/andreypushkarev/biography)


The S.A.M. sound has been characterized as cosmic, trippy, spiritual, psychedelic, peaceful, and groovy. It’s the combination of these attributes with the playfully danceable beats and smiling performances that has brought S.A.M. to be one of the most interesting underground acts of today.

Samuel Andre Madsen, grew up in a religious family in the country- side of Denmark, helping out in church playing the drums and bass guitar. Later when he moved to Copenhagen he met electronic music, and started producing and DJ’ing while studying Theology at the University and working as a church keeper on the side.

(continue reading on residentadvisor.net/dj/samuelandremadsen/biography)


It is Flash’s mission to maintain a safe space where we all feel at home. We ask our attendees to please stay compliant with our rules and keep Flash’s space free from of the following:

⠶ No violence

⠶ No non-consensual behavior

⠶ No racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism or other discriminatory behaviors

⠶ No leering

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⠶ No phones or photos… for the sake of the vibe!

If you or a friend feels uncomfortable at any point, please do not hesitate to let a Flash team member know. Our staff, i.e. bartenders, security guards, managers, sound staff and door staff are here to help! ♥